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Happy good green morning, 
this weekend in conjunction with a remarkable full moon, we set out to march in solidarity down in Cape Town as participants of the Global Marijuana March, and did we do just that. The photographers that came out in the hopes to get a few prize shots were treated and had a "field day". You can view some of the pictures hereherehere and here. There's also a great video that Belowthelion.co.za put together that you can grab here. Do you have some to share?  Please send pictures or a link to the online gallery through to info@norml.org.za 

The plug was pulled at our after party just after midnight when the blue troop arrived in full form. They say they came for a noise complaint but none was laid. They took the sound, but had no warrant. They arrested the owner Vusa Mazula and head of security before they could even explain themselves. There was less than 1min of talk at the door before they forcefully arrested Vusa to gain unlawful access. 
They sent a few scouts in to inspect the inner workings of Zula Bar and found no smoke. They didn't find a bunch of disorderly folk. Far from it, and I believe they just had to leave with something. It's a pity it had to be the sound, but we're all glad that nobody else was searched or intimidated.
We're confident that Vusa's court hearing will go well today. 
The Dagga Couple also launched their new mini documentary called Dagga: The Truth! this weekend and it's a hard hitting 14min that gives you a historical account of cannabis's story in Africa and will most certainly bring a new perspective to even the most hardened prohibitionist. 
Spot and share the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG4WTvUBD18 and remember to also sign their www.petition.daggacouple.co.za

Thank you to all who participated in this weekend's creations. 

Up n coming:

702 Walk The Talk Backwards
On 22 July I'm walking the 702 Walk The Talk backwards for the third time, come join us as we walk to take things 'Back to NORML'. We need 10 members to enter as a team, we're already 5 going...

November - African Cannabis Convention
We've formulated a new strategy after our first 16 man expedition to Swaziland in 2011 and we will be holding another African Cannabis Convention in November this year. The concept in the air is as follows: In the coming months we will be creating a compilation that will contain all the essential information needed to present cannabis, its history, cultivation, breading + genetics, curing guides, strain listings, cannabrick building, medicinal resources and all the needed knowledge to aid rural social and economic, and bud quality upliftment. Essential knowledge for any grower that's out in the bundus. We'll plan to distribute these over a two week period by visiting a new country each year were we will also invite international cannabis lovers to come and experience Africa in the process while doing real activism that matters too.

This is a hands down on the ground grass root initiative that still needs a bit of planning. Please mail info@norml.org.za if you'd like to get involved in this year's African Cannabis Convention. We'll try can make it as affordable as possible for anybody to participate, there's lots of time to save and plan this one properly... low effort, High impact! With an unforgettable experience... Let's spread the knowledge!

Key players already on this project: Weed.co.za Daggaparty.co.za Daggacouple.co.za Belowthelion.co.za Internafrica.org

The rest of Africa needs us...

Imiël Visser
ZA Community Outreach
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