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Vlogging on YouTube, nerding out on ultralight travel clothes and crunching out new photos from the UK and western Oregon!

Quick Updates 📰

  • I’m vlogging on YouTube! 10 minutes, once a week for travel + digital nomad + photography tips.
  • got some love — and a lovely redesign.
  • Wrote 7 new posts for Fstoppers: travel tips, amazing locations and inspirational photographers.
  • Published my first post for Digital Photography School, expect regular posts soon!
  • Wrote 5 new posts on Yellowscale.
  • Published 6 new photos from Oregon and the UK.

Wales & Scotland 🇬🇧

Hard to believe it’s been nearly a year, but I’m still editing shots from last year’s 4-week trip through Ireland and the UK.

Loch Garry, Scottish Highlands

I’ve driven past Loch Garry four times en route to the Isle of Skye, and each time felt unable to capture the incredible landscape. This time, Scotland felt like a new place altogether as light swept across the Highlands.

Mt. Bachelor & Cascade Lakes, Oregon

Bend, Oregon is home to some of the most authentically beautiful scenery in the US. The Cascade Lakes command a spine-tingling view of Mt. Bachelor — complete with a few minutes of Alpenglow.

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Neutral tones 🎨

What makes a landscape photo pop, but still look realistic? In a word: strong neutral tones.

When your whites and grays preserve a more neutral cast, they root the rest of the image and preserve believability.

Here’s how paying attention to whites and grays will take your photos from good to stunning.

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Save money on travel 🤑

Travel is pricey, can you save money without sacrificing your sanity? Here are 5 ways I save on international travel without compromising the trip quality!
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Survivorship bias 🤕

What is the most effective way to grow as a photographer? Start by combing through all the photos you didn’t like from your last shoot. Here’s how you can beat Survivorship Bias.
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En brief 💨

Nerding out 🤓

Perfect travel pants 👖

Sadly my favorite jeans ripped, so I’m in search of the perfect travel pants.

The main contenders: affordable prAna Brions, or pricier Bluffworks Chinos. The Brions are stretchy and look amazing, but the dressier Chinos are more durable. Keep an eye on my ultralight gear list!

Vlogging mics 🎤

Since I started vlogging, I picked up a Blue Yeti USB microphone. I’m in love with it. Not exactly nomad-friendly, but the audio quality and no-latency monitoring are phenomenal.

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Happy trekking 🌲

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