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Vlogging on YouTube, nerding out on ultralight travel clothes and traveling overseas for a year!

Traveling for a year 🗺

What if you could travel the world for a year to invest in your landscape photography?

Today I started a year of travel for landscape photography. I’m investing in Yellowscale full-time, so keep an eye on the YouTube channel for weekly vlogs on minimalist lifestyle and landscape photography tutorials.

But what about you? It may be much more realistic than you think! Learn what it takes to position yourself for long-term travel.

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Don’t be a nomad 🎒

Being a digital nomad is awful, and you definitely shouldn’t become one.

In case someone convinced you it’s the most freeing mindset you’ll ever adopt, here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t become a digital nomad.

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Light painting 🔦

How can you bring a “flat” image back to life? 🎨 You can apply the principles of light painting in post production.

Check out part 1 on light painting, and part 2 on five alternatives to dodging when light painting.

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En brief 💨

Nerding out 🤓

Perfect travel pants 👖

A few months ago I went in search of the perfect travel pants. I just might have an answer now.

I’m testing the Bluffworks Chinos and Outlier Slim Dungarees. So far, both are exceptional — I’m leaning towards the Dungarees for colder climates. Keep an eye on my ultralight gear list!

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Happy trekking 🌲

You can like my Facebook page or subscribe on YouTube for more minimalist travel and landscape photography tips. Go conquer!


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