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Three months in: Scotland, a New Year, and two teaspoons of wishful thinking!

2018 👋

Week 3 of 2019. By now, many well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions don’t make the cut. Most resolutions die out because they are made in the heat of an “ought”:

  • I ought to exercise daily
  • I ought to eat out less
  • I ought to do more street photography

“Oughts” are great at motivating action, but ineffective at sustaining it because once the “oughtness” wears off, the smallest obstacle cripples it.

So what do you want out of 2019? In January of 2020, what do you imagine saying you accomplished? How did your life change? How did you grow as a photographer? What did you give up in that pursuit?

We’re using past tense to describe future outcomes. It’s up to you to decide what actions you need to take to turn those outcomes into a reality this time next year.

Not sure where to start? Take the next week to review your 2018: accomplishments, failures, lessons learned and milestones. In light of 2018, do you want to change that trajectory this coming year, or continue it?

Start acting the part of the person you imagine being in January of 2020. Want to become a full-time photographer? Want to travel as a digital nomad? Pretend you are one and do the work you expect to do!

Start by investing 1 hour a day in what you love — over a year, that’s equivalent to 9 weeks of full-time work. 9 weeks. 2+ months.

What could you accomplish with that much time set aside?

What will you accomplish with that much time?

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Capturing sunbursts ☀️

Trouble capturing a crisp sunburst in your landscape photos? ☀️ Here’s how to create stunning sunbursts, starting with shoot settings and wrapping up with post production in Lightroom + Photoshop!

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En brief 💨

#NoContext 🤷‍♂️

Random things heard on the road…
  • “I look like an egg dressed up.”
  • “If you say either, you forfeit one pasta.”
  • “It’s not cold enough to kill the germs!”

Nerding out 🤓

Plus some updates + additions to the packing list!

Innergie charger 🔌

I’ve waited years for a compact MacBook charger by a non-sketchy company. After a string of charger catastrophes, I’ve been a bit wary of third party chargers. But Innergie’s 60C USB-C charger just might be the one.

I’m waiting to get my hands on one — hopefully it will appear soon on my my ultralight gear list!

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Happy trekking 🌲

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