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The Future is Behind Us.

12 months in the future, it’s December of 2020. Looking back over 2020, what are you most glad you did differently? How did it impact other parts of your life? What exactly did you do that made such a difference?

No, I didn’t type the wrong year, 😂 this thought experiment is a “futurespective”: it invites you to imagine yourself looking back over the year and envisioning the steps that led to where you are in hindsight.

That exercise program you started in January — why are you so glad in December 2020 you kept at it for a few months before quitting? You moved to a smaller (and cheaper!) apartment in July 2020 — how much downsizing did it take you to do that?

Good news, this is all still in the future! You can make that future happen, but do you really want to? How did downsizing your wardrobe five times actually contribute to December 2020? Was it really worth making coffee at home instead of hanging at the shop?

As you get inspired about 2020, I invite you to envision it in reverse, and ask 1) how did I get here? and 2) was it worth it?

Go write the future. 🙌

Get Inspired

The Nomad Project 🎒

The YouTube channel has been a bit quiet. A lot has happened since returning from my 4-month travel sabbaticalI wrote a book on software development, started a YouTube channel for web developers, and moved four times. Most importantly, it’s been a time of personal and spiritual growth.

Meantime, I’m working on a new project that I hope will encourage your journey to a lifestyle that supports your travel and photography. For now, it’s called The Nomad Project.

The Nomad Project is a list of prompts and followups — the format is inspired by Moorea Seal’s delightful 52 Lists Project.

The concept is pretty simple: each week begins with a prompt to list something. Fill out the list in the beginning of the week, then come back midweek and work through the followup.

So if you’re interested in the freedom a digital nomad lifestyle offers — even if you stay put! — follow along with the first of 52-ish lists to adopt a location independent lifestyle:

1. List the things that are important to you.

Fill this out in your journal over the next few days, then come back for the followup below (try not to peak at it yet 😉).

Okay, it’s midweek now, finished? Here’s the followup:

The things that are important to us can serve as a source of meaning. But that can be dangerous: is your meaning and value summed up in your social circle, career or possessions?

Your job is not your identity. It may bring meaning to your day-to-day, but it does not define you. You are precious and valuable beyond your chosen job title!

This week, sort the things that are important to you into these categories:

  1. Things you choose to prioritize, e.g. a hobby
  2. Things you are obligated to prioritize, e.g. your family or job

As you sort through these, you may discover that some “important” things are really just things you feel you have to do, while others carry deeper meaning.

That’s it, watch your inbox for prompt #2! And I’d love to hear your thoughts on the prompt — feel free to drop me a quick line 👌

Nerding out 🤓

The packing list has seen a few updates — notably, some warm weather additions! Check out the evergreen post for recommendations on ultralight, one bag travel + photography gear.

One Bag Packing List

P.S. I’m hoping to start posting new YouTube content this quarter with some digital nomad content! Keep an eye out, and a nag or two wouldn’t hurt 😝

Till then, here’s a throwback to one of my favorite videos: Leading the Eye Through an Image.

Happy trekking 🌲

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