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Good morning, dear neighbors, artists, collaborators, community partners, and supporters of arts in Skid Row,

Welcome to the second Doodles Without Borders newsletter!

You may be receiving this email, because you used to receive monthly Studio 526 Skid Row Community Arts Calendar emails. This newsletter will take on the role of sharing some arts events in Skid Row neighborhood, and doodle up some of it's own ideas, too. If you no longer want to receive the emails, please feel free to unsubscribe. We still have not restarted a printable version of Skid Row Arts calendar, but there has been an incredible arts programming effort in Skid Row, that includes a calendar of (mostly) online arts activities called Arts TV Guide. You can find it here:  

In this email:
1) Arts Jam and June/July BIRTHDAYS
2) Intense Love for an Intense Neighborhood
3) ARTS in Skid Row neighborhood
4) Arts East Coast to West Coast

Today would be a Studio 526 monthly Arts Jam/Open Mic and birthdays celebration. Though the Arts Jams are on break, birthdays cannot be on hold. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL THE JUNE AND JULY BABIES!!! 

Intense Love for an Intense Neighborhood
In May 2020, a prolific Skid Row artist Mariana V (aka Blackie) who I've known since 2008 passed away. We will miss her so very much. Mariana was a regular at the Arts Jam and did not shy away from sharing her feelings. One way to celebrate Mariana's life, to learn from her, and to carry a bit of her legacy is by channeling Mariana sharing her intense love for "intense" Skid Row in this clip. She speaks with neighborliness that destroys oppression and dismantles colonialism for breakfast. Rest in Power.
Despite, or perhaps because of the global pandemic, the sustained wide visibility of well-oiled state violence and brutality, the self-dehumanizing white supremacy and capitalism, I believe we live in hopeful times. The entire planet is startled into a sort of collective consciousness that exposes deep and growing social, racial, and economic inequalities, and underscore the necessity of intersectionality and transnationalism in our struggles. More and more of us work to align ourselves with abolitionist demands and visions of Black and Indigenous led liberation movements across this land, and with sister movements across the world.
Mariana speaks about Skid Row, and by extension she may as well be speaking about the whole world: also an intense neighborhood to be loved intensely.

ARTS in Skid Row neighborhood
1) Studio 526 Update: the studio remains closed for now, though it will absolutely return! Stay tuned for news on this in September. 
Meanwhile, contact Studio526 by emailing to to request art supplies to pick up. 
2) In-person arts platforms: community arts spaces are a fundamental human right and ESSENTIAL (with the renewed use of this word fully meant here), so stay tuned for open air arts spaces soon! 
3) UCEPP with music in the parks! Fridays at noon, look for UCEPP and their crew, one week in San Julian park and the following in Gladys park (today, July 31st, they will be in San Julian park), with good music, good people, good food.
4) Stop LAPD Spying Coalition online: this powerful human rights group is bringing arts into their work, front and center. Check out their weekly zoom webinars form their main page, and definitely check out their Not a moment in time... Zine project, and consider getting involved!
5) The aforementioned Arts TV Guide is a great source of online Skid Row neighborhood centered arts activities, and also distributes incredible arts packages and an arts magazine! More at
6) Culture Hour Thursdays 5pm on LACAN facebook page must be noted separately, because this weekly event is a Skid Row and regional housing, racial, and social justice update, call to action, and a powerful music and arts fix rolled into one!

ARTS East coast to West coast
Cultural New Deal. Looking only at efforts that do abolitionist and liberation minded work, there is a lot going on. I'd like to highlight one particular effort:  "Cultural equity and cultural justice are essential for racial justice, which we define as the systematic fair treatment of people of all races that results in equitable opportunities and outcomes for everyone. Racial justice moves us all toward a more vibrant, multiracial democracy that advances the self-determination and the sovereignty of all peoples." 
The detailed list of demands of the Cultural New Deal is a clear and actionable blueprint for neighborhood and communities big and small.


Stay tuned. Looking forward to more communication, to more projects, to collaborations.

Stay safe, stay connected, stay creative!

Hayk Makhmuryan
(pronouns: he/they (what's this?)
Art Worker, Community Organizer
equitable access to arts, cultural, and social spaces is a fundamental human right.
love the people, decommodify life

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