September 4, 2016

Upcoming events

  • Welcome Back BBQ Saturday 9/10

Board Announcements

As the year kicks off we just wanted to remind everyone that we are here for you! If you ever need to reach Board during the year you can reach us at or Have a great week!
ewan kOYFA (Board)


Vice President

Hello everyone!
I hope you guys have had a great start to the school year! We currently have 2 open Council positions that we are looking to fill: Culture chair (1) and Advocacy chair (1). If you are interested in applying for these positions or have any questions about the interview process, please contact me at
Much mahal,



Reminder to please pay your dues! Don’t forget you need to have paid your dues to partake in fun things like Thanksgiving Potluck and Barrio Fiesta of course! We accept cash or venmo. Gimme your $10 please!
I love you all,
Jerome (jnt2yf)


Hey OYFAns!
The REC International Solidarity Program is having a donation campaign to fund for an Environmental Investigative Mission of the coal-burning power plants in Calaca in the Philippines. Their goal is to raise $1000 by the end of this week, so please take the time to donate here if you can or spread the word! Check out their video here and read their article here.
Instead of reading a current news article this week, click the image to learn about some ways to manage stress :)
Make sure you make time for yourselves every day-- even if it’s just 5 minutes to browse weird instragram memes.I hope you all have a great week!
Advocacy (mll3m)



More info coming soon!
~Stephen (sgl9gd)


Hey OYFAmily!
As you may know, our objective as Community is to get OYFAns involved in service within OYFA, UVA, and the greater Charlottesville community. We would like to introduce our bi-weekly volunteer spotlight, which will allow OYFAns to learn more about the many wonderful volunteer CIOs around Grounds!
Our first volunteer spotlight is on Elexa Rallos, one of our very own Student Advisors! Read below to learn about her involvement in Madison House Medical Services!  :)

Volunteer Spotlight
1.     Tell us about what Madison House Medical Services does?
Medical Services is a branch of Madison House, the largest community service CIO here at UVA. Medical Services is the largest subset of Madison House with hundreds of volunteers who help staff various units at UVA Hospital, Martha Jefferson Hospital, and a couple of other locations.
2.     When did you get involved with Medical Services?
I initially volunteered with the Escort and Wayfinding Unit my first year at UVA. The next year, I became a program director for the Nutritional Services Unit at Martha's, the program director for the ER the year after that, and now I'm here.
3.     What do you do for Medical Services?
I'm the one of the two head program directors for Medical Services, primarily responsible for Martha Jefferson, the Charlottesville Free Clinic, and hospice care. I'm in charge of all of the program directors, their units, and overall making sure that everything is running smoothly with Medical Services.
4.     What reason(s) did you join?  What makes it worthwhile for you?
My first year I wanted to get involved with various organizations/opportunities and thought that volunteering at the hospital would be a fun and interesting way to do so. Through Escort and Wayfinding, I was able to interact with so many people of all types of backgrounds and it really helped me gain perspective regarding the Charlottesville community.
5.     What does community service mean to you?
Outside of Medical Services, I commit hundreds of hours to community service through EMT. Community service is a valuable experience as it offers me the ability to step into other perspectives and individuals' shoes. Being able to make a difference for these people and communities, even with someone as small as a 'thank you,' is truly a rewarding experience that makes me feel that all of the hours I commit each week are worth every single second.
If you or someone you know would be interested in being a part of our volunteer spotlight, or have upcoming volunteer opportunities you would like to share, please contact us!
<3 COmmunity
Celine (cln9ds) & Oliver (jav4vm)


We’re bringing back the Mentor/Mentee Program this semester, which pairs first years with upperclassmen regarding their prospective majors or academics interests. First years, fill out this form to be a mentee:

For upperclassmen, please fill out this form to be a mentor:

Caroline (cp5ae) & Abigail (akh6rb)



OOFANs said hello
get to know the alumni
like our facebook
                      -a historic haiku

if you missed us at the general meeting, some OOFANs (OYFA alumni) wanted to say hello: OOFAN Vlog Intro! every month we will be featuring one of these OOFANs vlogs so you all can get to know our great alumni.
if you haven’t liked our fb page yet please do so

Aaron (aaa4aa) & Larry (lhh9ep)


We don’t have any announcements for you but we hope that your semester has been great and continues to be great.

PRay For Us
- jvn7ju & kn7tj 


Membership here! It was great to see so many new and familiar faces at the general meeting!
If you weren’t at the meeting, check out the schedule and save the dates for FALL FAMILY WEEK (starting 9/17)

9/17 - Field Day, 12PM
9/18 - First Culturefest Practice, 2PM
9/19 - OYFA BINGO, 7PM
9/20 - Wing Night, 7PM
9/21 - Game Night, 7PM
9/22 - Family Field Trip, 5:30PM
9/23 - Family Potluck, 7PM

Also, if you’re a new member and haven’t signed up already, SIGN UP TO BE A LITTLE AT THE LINK BELOW! We’ll do our best to pair you with a big who will give you the best OYFA experience possible!

Any questions, just contact Joe or Mark!!
(jpm5ye & mtm4fg)

D7 Representatives

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out to OYFA & LFE Thrift Shop today! It was great to see familiar faces and we hope everyone got some killer deals. If you have any questions about what FIND D7 is or about the events we mentioned during our First General Body Meeting on Thursday(Dialogue, Conference, D7 Olympics, culture shows, etc), please don’t hesitate to contact either of us, via Facebook or e-mail: Danielle Rodgers at, John Herrick at,
Love always,
Dani and John



Hey everyone!
Thank you to everyone who came out to our first IM football game. For those who were unable to make it, no worries! Our next game will be on Sunday Sept 11 at 7pm. We hope to see you all there!
Ronald (rpd2ea) and Alexa (amg8tf)


What’s good OYFAm!
First off, we would like to thank everyone who made it to our mixer on Friday. If you didn’t, fear not! We have our Welcome Back Barbecue this Saturday (Sept. 10th) from 11AM - 3PM in the 1815 parking lot. There will be plenty of food and fun! Hope to see you there~
Back Attack (jac6dn & bxc2gn)


Nothing new from me, but I hope you’re enjoying your classes so far!
Chris -cwf5tf-

Student Advisors

What up!
Office hours will be this Friday at 9 PM at the AFC hot tub! We’re both working this Friday so we’re heading to the hot tubs for some after work relaxation. If you’ve had a long week, come join us!
If you want to unwind, but haven’t found anything to stress over by that night, feel free to join me (Vince) for a lifting session at 7PM.

Vince (vce6bx) and Dongus (epr5fj)


Hi hi hi Oyfans !!

It's me your lovely Christine ! It's time for Trivia this week! The winner shall be the first one with all of the correct answers and shall be showered with LOVE by me JK. I shall treat the ONE winner to fooood (reasonable/very very cheap)

1) What is REC International Solidarity Program's goal for the donation campaign?

2) Who did Elexa Rallos - our first Volunteer Spotlight - volunteered with during her first year at UVA?

3) Where is Student Advisor's office hours this week ?!!

Send the answers to me ( and win a free food date with ME (u kno u want it)
General Announcements
  • Come hang out with the Minority Rights Coalition at our "Welcome Back" social! Food, drinks, and games will be provided
  • Do you want to help uphold the Community of Trust and spark discussion about honor and integrity? Do you want to help maintain an entirely student-run Honor System? Every fall, the Honor Committee recruits and trains new Support Officers, to help carry out the day-to-day processes of the System. Support Officers take on roles in cases such as Advisor or Counsel, and they work as Educators to engage with the community about the Honor System. We are looking for thoughtful, empathetic, and enthusiastic students to create a team of Support Officers that serves the diverse body of students at the University. 

    For more information, consider coming out to one of these information sessions!
    Monday, August 29th | 5-6 pm | O'Hill Forum
    Monday, August 29th | 6-7 pm | Trial Room on the 4th floor of Newcomb
    Thursday, Sept. 1st | 6-7 pm | Trial Room on the 4th floor of Newcomb
    Sunday, Sept. 4th | 8-9 pm | Student Activities Building
    Tuesday, Sept. 6th | 6-7 | Trial Room on the 4th floor of Newcomb
    Tuesday, Sept. 6th | 7-8 pm | Trial Room on the 4th floor of Newcomb

    If you cannot attend, you can stop by the Honor Offices on the 4th floor of Newcomb to pick up your Green Book. Your Green Book will have all the information you'll need to know to prepare for the application process. 
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