August 28, 2016

Upcoming events

  • D7 & LFE Thrift Store Sunday 9/4

Board Announcements



Hello OYFAm!
I wanted to wish a warm welcome to (and back) to each of you. I hope you all had an exciting and restful summer. I’m Madelyn Luansing and I’m looking forward to be serving as your President this year. Hope to see you on Thursday!


Vice President

Hi friends!
My name is Alex Zarzuela and I am your Vice President! I’m a 4th year Sociology major and I’m interested in pursuing nursing after graduating from UVA. I am super excited to see you all at our First General Meeting this Thursday! :)



My name is Jerome Tirso and I’m currently a 3rd year studying Economics and Spanish. I am your treasurer this year so give me all your money! <3
I love you all,


Corresponding Secretary

Hi OYFA, I’m Kanata Omori and I will be serving as your Corresponding Secretary for the upcoming school year. I am a third year double majoring in Youth and Social Innovation and Statistics. Can’t wait to meet you all at our general meeting!


Recording Secretary

Hi hi OYFA !!
My name is Christine Lê, 2nd year Pre-Comm. I'm much honored to say that I am Jane Canteros's little and I'm more than happy to be your Recording Secretary for this school year. Can't wait to see all of you this Thursday! Love me I am needy.



Hey there OYFA, we’re your Advocacy chairs, Melissa and Amy! We’re going to focus a lot on mental health, but we’ll also keep you posted on current events going on in the Filipino community-- here in America and in the Philippines!  Come make food and chill with us this year ~
Here’s a quick story for y’all this week:
Hidilyn Diaz breaks the Philippines' 20-year Olympic medal drought
See you at the gen meeting!
Advocacy (mll3mm, az2pj) 


Hey everyone!
This is Misha and Stephen your culture chairs!! Hope everyone has had a great first week! Culturefest will be upon us very soon so GET READY AND GET EXCITED!!!!! See you all at the first general meeting!!



Welcome back everyone! My name is Celine Nguyen and I'm excited to serve as one of your Community chairs for the 2016-2017 term! I am currently a second year majoring in biology on a pre-medical track!  
My name is Oliver Viyar and I'm your other Community chair for this upcoming school year!  I'm currently a second year majoring in chemical engineering.  We're looking forward to an awesome year of volunteering with you all!
Love <3,



Hi OYFA! We’re your scholarship chairs, Caroline Pham and Abigail Hoang!!
Caroline: I am a second year pre-comm student.  I love playing golf, eating, sleeping, taking pictures, and baking!
Abigail: I’m a second year who is hoping to be a biology major and is interested in pre-optometry.  I love to watch netflix, listen to music (<3 Vampire Weekend), and do crafts!   
As your Scholarship chairs, we are in charge of fundraising for the OYFA Excellence Scholarship.  We also run the Mentor/Mentee Program which pairs first years with upperclassmen regarding their prospective majors and host academic/professional workshops.  We can’t wait to meet you at the First General Meeting and feel free to talk to us anytime!!
Caroline (cp5ae) and Abigail (akh6rb)


hello oyfa!
our names are Aaron and Larry, and we’re your historic chairs for the year! to see all our amazing events and moments please like our facebook page OYFA Historic!   
we hope to see all of you at the general meeting this week!
Aaron (aaa4aa) & Larry (lhh9ep)


Yooooo, we’re your public relation chairs, Jasmin & Ky!
Ky: I am a second year in the College. Currently, I am undeclared, but I am an aspiring Human Biology major. I like to read, watch movies, eat, do nothing, play league and most importantly, sleep.
Jasmin: You can refer to my bio here lol
PRay for us,
Jasmin Nguyen (jvn7ju)
Ky Nguyen (kn7tj)



What up all our new and old members, its MEMBERSHIP!!!  
In case you haven’t met us yet, our names are Joe Malasa and Mark Mora, two 2nd years just out here trying to make lives a little better.
I’m Mark, I like to sing lol. And I’m Joe, I like to talk!

Our job is to show everyone the wonders of OYFA and to help everyone get to know each other better.  We are very enthusiastic about the first meeting this Thursday and IHOP afterwards!!  We hope that you are excited for the best week ever too.  OYFA’s FAMILY WEEK starting September 17th with Field Day! There’s so many things to look forward to, we hope you’ll join us fam.
If you ever need anything, whether it be a ride or some advice, let us help you out!  Message us and hang out with us!


D7 Representatives

Hello there OY(FAm)!!!
We are your D7 reps John and Danielle! We serve as the link between UVA and the greater Filipino community around the east coast! If you ever wanna meet up with some awesome people from other schools, just hit us up. ;) On September 4th we will be hosting a thrift store event with Lambda Phi Epsilon at the Amphitheatre! Come out and score some great cheap swag while it lasts!!!
“D what? D7!!!!!1111!!(ONE)!!!!!111”
-JOHN (jah6vg) AND DANIELLE (????) <3
Peek our pretty faces here.


Helloooo OYFA!
Welcome back to grounds! We are your sports chairs Alexa Gavino and Ronald Diu!! We’re here for all your sporty needs.
Alexa: I am a second year Kinesiology student on the pre-health track. In my free time, I like to take naps and cook food.
Ronald: I’m a second year Pre-Commerce student hailing from New York. I like to ball and study finance...but not at the same time!
Alexa (amg8tf) & Ronald (rpd2ea)


What’s good, OYFA!,
We’re your social chairs, Jack and Barry!
Jack: Hey guys! I’m a second year studying Systems Engineering and Economics. I like rock climbing, smash, and penguins!
Barry: Hi guys! Barry’s the name, smash’s the game.  I’m a second year intending to double major in Computer Science and Economics. Besides smashing, I love exercising and cooking!
Back Attack (jac6dn & bxc2gn)



Hello oyfa!
I am Chris, a 2nd year CS major and your webmaster for the year.  Make sure to check out the site at since its pretty bomb, and I’ll be here all year to lean on chairs and rep apayao so don’t be afraid to say hi!

Student Advisors

We are your student advisors: Vince Egalla and Elexa Rallos! If you’re new to OYFA or are not sure what our role is, we’re basically here to help you out with anything: OYFA, classes, the future, UVA, getting involved (literally just about anything).
We hold weekly office hours where we like to do fun things both on grounds and in/around Charlottesville. Please note, however, that we will not be having one this week (Elexa will be working at the new Nike factory store in Barracks though so if you want to come check it out please come visit me hehe).
We’re really excited for this school year with you all and hope you come out to our office hours! If you have any questions about anything, don’t be afraid to shoot us an email or contact us on Facebook!
Your Student Advisors, Elexa (epr5fj) and Mouth Breather (vce6bx)
General Announcements
  • Interested in serving in the world's oldest student-run Honor System? This year, the Honor Committee is reaching out to your asian student organization to invite you to become a Support Officer. 
    Come to the CIO Outreach Session on August 31st, at 6pm in Monroe 124 to learn more about how to apply, meet Honor Exec, and network with other asian student organizations! We hope to see you there!
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