April 10, 2016

Upcoming events

  • Challah for Hunger
  • VMAs
  • End of the Year Picnic
  • Sino?
  • Relay for Life

Board Announcements

Hello OYFA! 
We still have two open positions on Council: PR chair and D7 Representative. Here is the nomination form: Click me!. If you are interested in either of these positions or have any questions about the interim interview process, feel free to contact me or anyone else on Board. 


ASU is filling April up with food events, art nights, and general opportunities to learn about AAPA cultures - check out their calendar!
Links to General Announcement news: China and the Philippines, Marquette University’s Filipino Culture Show, and Hawaii’s Hula Competition.
Ya’ll did such a good job at Barrio! Whether it be performing, singing, doing tech work, painting props, or providing food/moral support. Thank you all for making Barrio such a success!
Of course, all must come to a close… So here’s a piece of equally bittersweet news:
Sports :  Manny Pacquiao Wins What He Calls The Final Fight Of His Career
Last night, Manny Pacquiao (arguably the most iconic Filipino in the public sphere) won an action-packed boxing match against Timothy Bradley Jr 116-110. Pacquiao said he is retiring from boxing and will become a congressman in the Philippines “to serve the people." He definitely is a crowd favorite as (in Denise Guerra’s words) "He's become a symbol of hope and resilience for Filipinos throughout the world." Elections will be taking place next month so we’ll let you how he does!

See you all next week!
Advocacy (mll3mm, az2pj)




Thank you so much to all performers, choreographers, and committees for pushing through and making Barrio Origins an amazing show!

Most of all, thank you to Jane and Angel for running the entire show and being such amazing Culture chairs

Now let's get hyped for Barrio 2K17 ;)

Your Culture chairs,
Misha (mec9eq) & Stephen (sgl9gd)


Hey OYFAm!!

Come out to Challah for Hunger this Wednesday (4/13) from 4-6PM at the Brody Jewish Center (1824 University Circle, Charlottesville, VA 22903) with Community! If you need help getting there, please let us know!

Next Sunday (4/17) is the Video Music Awards! Get HYPE! Community will be selling food and raffles from Wings Over, Campus Cookies, and more! All proceeds go toward the HeCares Foundation and the OYFA Excellence Scholarship!  If you’re interested in submitting a video or performing live, please fill out this form:
**Deadlines have been extended: sign up to perform live by this Tuesday (4/12) and submit videos by this Friday (4/15)!!

Finally, a huge shout out to Marc Franco Nepomuceno and Manobo family, the winners of the Serbisyo Award! Thanks to them and all the other OYFANs for their service to the community!

<3 OC-D (we want $$$)
Oliver (jav4vm) & Celine (cln9ds)



Hey guys!!  We just wanted to remind you that the OYFA VMAs are coming up soon on Sunday, April 17th at Open Grounds, 7pm.  The VMAs is an event co-sponsored by Scholarship and Community where members perform live or submit videos!  BTW, Gangsta-A will be debuting her rap music video, so you don’t want to miss out!

FYI: videos can be of ANYTHING, so it doesn’t have to be music related.  Be creative!  Also, you can do a live performance AND submit a video.  If you’re interested in performing live and/or submitting a video, please fill out this form:
The deadline for submitting videos has been extended to FRIDAY April 15th and deadline for interest in live performance is TUESDAY April 12th!

Also, we have booked rooms! If you plan to use them please sign your name in this doc:

Gangsta-A (akh6rb) and Homie C (cp5ae)


Thanks so much for participating in the Barrio Hype Contest!! I hope you guys had fun at Barrio and hope to see you guys again soon! 
- Just Jas



OYFA! Remember us?

We are so proud of every member that came out to Barrio, whether it be viewing or performing and we hope you met some new faces at the after-party too!

Our first membership dinner was a huge success (thnx Jane for the balloons), but we want to make sure as many people can come for our last one this semester. We will be sending out a poll for available dates and times for dinner on Facebook to allow as many people as we can to come!

The End of the Year Picnic is coming up and we need your help! Membership wants to showcase everyone of our members with a superlative that represents them. Please take some time to fill out nominations for any and all of our OYFA members! Fill it out multiple times here.

We still are working on the tag lmao,
Dank Mems (jpm5ye) and (mtm4fg)


D7 Representatives

Hello OYFAns, 
Although Barrio has come to an end, we are not finished with culture season. The shows must go on! This Saturday, April 16th, FACT will present, "Sino?," the final culture show for this year. Besides the FACT that this show will be awesome, you should come out because I am baking delicious treats per request for the cars that sign up. 
Sign up for goodies and entertainment here:

FACT@VCU Presents Sino? Trip Sign Up

I hope to see you all there this weekend! 
Much Love,



Hello OYFANs!
Congratulations to everyone that took part in Barrio! We’re sad that it’s over but keep up all the energy and hype, because Relay for Life is this week on Friday, April 15! It will be a great time to bond with your fellow OYFANs while supporting Cancer research. If you can’t come out, don’t worry! You can still donate and join Team OYFA right here.

Alexa (amg8tf) & Ronald (rpd2ea)




We’d like to thank everyone who was able to attend Rewind last night and helped made it LITTER THAN LIT! We hope everyone had a blast. Barrio may be over, but the year isn’t yet! The End of the Year Picnic will be on May 4th! So mark your calendars! Social signing out.
Jack & Barry (jac6dn & bxc2gn)
AKA Jackie Chin



Hello everyone!
I hope you enjoyed Barrio and had fun at the after party! I don't have any announcements but I just want to thank you for coming out and supporting!  
Chris (cwf5tf)


Student Advisors

Hope you all had a great time at Barrio and the Rewind afterparty. Now that Barrio's over, we've got a little more time on hour hands, so come join us for office hours this Friday at 3 PM. We'll be having ice cream on the lawn!
Vince Egalla (vce6bx) and Elexa Rallos (epr5hf)



1. When is the deadline for interest in live performance for VMAs?
2. Who won the Serbisyo Award?

Love you all <3


General Announcements
  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

  • ASU and SYZ Benefit Yard Sale
  • As part of APAHM 2016, ASU will be hosting a comedy night on April 23, 7-9pm in the Kaleidoscope Room. Our goal is to encourage the audience to laugh, joke, and discuss race in American society. We are looking for student comedians to do short performances on their experiences as persons of color, microaggressions, and the like. Apply HERE by April 16th at 6 PM!

    APAHM closing ceremony will be held on April 28, 7-8:30pm in Nau 101, and we are bringing back 4th Year Ted Talks! If you are a 4th year interested about sharing your experience as an A/APA student at UVA, please fill out THIS application by April 19th at 6 PM. Thank you!
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