May 1st, 2017

Upcoming events

  • End of The Year Picnic - Booker T. Washington Park, 11-1 PM 

Board Announcements



Hello OYFA!  I have no announcements other than to wish you best of luck on your finals and on your amazing summer plans!  I am looking back fondly at all the memories we have had as an organization, and I honestly can’t wait to meet more new members, participate in new Council’s events, and get to know more friends with new experiences.  See ya later, OYFA! 

A special goodbye to all the Fourth Years that will be graduating in the upcoming weeks, thank you for being our role models, our teachers, and our friends.  We hope that our paths will cross again next year, OOFANs.  

Signing off until next year,
30 Prez (jpm5ye)


Vice President


With the year coming to a close, I just wanted to say that I’m so grateful for the amazing year we’ve had. I’m looking forward to finals being over but I’m even more excited for what’s to come next year. Third time’s [on board] the charm I guess. I love you all and I’ll see you soon. 

Hasta luego,


Hello friends!

Please look forward to some of the fundraising events oyfa may have over the summer! 

and remember: pain is temporary but grades are forever. let’s all try to finish out the semester strong! that said, make sure to practice some self-care these next few weeks of finals :)

peace out,
JC Dolla $ign (jpc5eb)


Corresponding Secretary

Happy last week of the semester everybody!

Congrats on making it through this far. Make sure to take care of yourself physically and mentally these next two weeks for finals.
I have no real announcements except thank you guys for such a great year. 

To our fourth years, you have impacted our lives for the better. Words can’t describe how much we will miss you. Good luck on your post-grad lives and don’t forget us little people when you’re gone!

As for everybody else, I can’t wait to spend more time together! I look forward to a strong 30th year ahead of us. Go oyfa, go hoos!

Alexa “co-sexy” Gavino (amg8tf)

Recording Secretary

Hey Oyfa!

What a Year in OYFA! My first year has been amazing! So much has happened and I am so excited for next year! I asked each board and council member what they were looking forward to the most next year, and my answer would be working with all of these awesome individuals on board and council! They all have amazing ideas for the 30th and it will be an LIT year! 

Good luck with finals! You guys got this !
Your Rec Snake,
Jaden (jta2pe)


Helloyfa everyone, it’s your two favorite advocacy chairs! Thank you for such a great month of advocacy and good times go hoos! 

I (Thyra) know I’m most excited for receiving my stethoscope and UVA School of Nursing uniform scrubs next semester! 

I (Dorian) am very excited for all of the good times go hoos with all of you guys (except 4th years) next year!

Word of the Week: tag-araw (“tug” - “ahr”-”rauh””) means summer! Have an AMAZING tag-araw!❤️

Stay woke, 
RADvocacy (tej8bf) & (dn4em)


Hey y’all!

Sadly the year has come to a close, but we’re excited for the year to come! Community is especially looking forward to planning Lakas for you guys and bringing OYFAns closer to the Charlottesville community. HAGS!

Signing off,

Your CommuniQUEENS,
Arielle(atr2uk) and Gabby(mgg9yv)



Hey OYFA! 

We’d just like to thank everyone for an amazing first year! Now all there’s left to do is finish strong and kill these finals 💪😤

As for next year, we’re most looking forward to meeting the new babies and celebrating the Big 30!!! Hope you’re just as excited as we are! :)

Roseanna (rmq7an) and Sophia (sfw8ar)💙❤️💛




Hello everyone!

We want to thank you for a great end of the semester -- looking forward to seeing you at the picnic! 

We’re looking forward to spending more time with board and council and enjoying our fourth year coming up with all of OYFA!!

Your schol-lolas
Angel (aj4dg) and Rose (rgm5he)



What’s good, Oyfa!

Thanks for an amazing year! Can’t wait to see everyone at the end of the year picnic! We wish you good luck on your finals and hope to see you again in the fall -- goodbye fourth years :’(

Pia: For the upcoming year, I’m looking forward to all of the interesting events that the committees will be having, as well as meeting the new babies! 

Jack: For me, I am SUPER excited to get cool new littles to replace my faf ones.




Next year, I am looking forward to picking up a little and meeting all the new members as well as making new memories with the new and existing members! Hope you all have a great summer and best of luck on finals!

Baohan (bd5dt)


Hello Oyfa!

It’s ya boy, Michael, and ya girl, Dana!

Michael: For the upcoming year, I’m looking forward to becoming a more meaningful impact on the organization with my position of council.

Dana: For the upcoming year, I’m looking forward to seeing all the babies and what they bring to OYFA next year!

We want to thank everyone who came out to our second Mem Dinner! It was successful!  Second, we want everyone to get excited for End of the Year Picnic! Please keep filling out the superlatives form for your friends! Good luck to everyone on finals, and if I don’t see you until next year, enjoy your summer! Remember ~self care~!

Michael (mr4dz) and Dana (dk5dd)

D7 Representatives


It’s ya boy John Ramirez, your new interim D7 chair ~
aye~. A little about me: I am currently a first year on the pre-comm track with a potential interest in computer science. One of the few hobbies I ~like~ to do is adding oyfa to the end of a wordoyfa (see what I did there).

Also, FIND conference is next week on May 6th and currently we have five delegates attending which is the most out of the D7 schools! If you or someone you know are still interested in coming to the conference do not hesitate contacting your D7 reps!

For next year, we cannot wait to meet the other D7 representatives from other schools.  Have a great summer everyone! (HAKAS!)

shookoyfa-ing out,
John (jr5xw) and Chelsea (cb3nk)


Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses, dog and indoor


Thanks everyone for a great season! Looking forward to more dubs and new sports like soccer or inner tube water polo! Up to you guys. We’ll be repping sports with y’all at the picnic. Looks like men’s contact football will happen at the picnic. Enjoy tackling Brandon Ph! 

We are all student athletes 😎⚽🏈💰,
Brandon Phan(bmp3pe) and Sarah Lei(sjl4w)


Hey guys!

We can’t believe how fast time has gone by and hope the best for everyone as the year comes to an end. Make sure to come out to the End of the Year Picnic to celebrate with us on May 3rd!
We've really appreciated all the support we've been getting this semester and can't wait to throw down with OYFA next year. Be ready. Also, if anyone wants to chill with 1/2 of social, Sophia will be staying in Charlottesville for the summer! 
Hope to see everyone soon!

Socially Awkward,
Jessica (jlp4ub) and Sophia (sx5hr)


Hello friends!

I hope you enjoyed the past year with OYFA because I sure did :) 

Even though this year is coming to a close, there’s always something to look forward to!

Personally, I can’t wait to be cooking my own ~yummy~ foods. I’ll be trying to make the Tasty recipes I see online and recreating the Cambodian my mom makes, so hit me up if you want some homemade goodness!
(Some Cambodian foods… Ugh I miss it so much.)

What are you guys excited about?

I hope you’re doing well and good luck with finals!

Your Webyapster,

Regina Yap

Student Advisors

What’s good OYFA!

We hope that everyone is surviving this last week of classes! Since most people will be studying and preparing for finals, we won’t have office hours this week. HOWEVER, keep an eye out for informal hangout sessions and hit us up if you need anything. 

Dani: Besides needy littles and 4th year modern, the thing that I am looking forward to the most next year is crossing off all of the items on the 118 Things To Do Before You Graduate list. 

Richard: Tbh, I’m just tryna graduate and make the most of my last year here with you all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Good luck to everyone these next couple of days! Feel free to reach out if you need to vent, want company, or need a hug. We hope everyone’s enjoyed this past year as much as we have.

StuDanielle AdvisoRichard (dgr3ce & rcd6ab)


The Last WIO of the semester! I will make this pretty interesting! The first person to respond to this Trivia will be the FIRST Featured OYFAn in the Fall! Imagine being one of the first people being introduced to all the future babies! You will be sooo POPULAR!! 

1. Where is the End of the Year Picnic?
2. What was your favorite event this year?
3. What are you looking forward to for next year?
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