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2019 Canoe Kayak Sprint National Champions!

The Rideau Canoe Club won the 2019 Canoe Kayak Sprint National Championships competing against more than 30 canoe clubs from across the country from Tuesday to Saturday on Lake Wascana. This is the third time in 5 years and second year in a row that the Ottawa based canoe club has won the coveted Canoe Kayak Canada's burgee.

The Rideau Canoe Club won the championships scoring a record 1016 points winning 32 gold, 21 silver and 13 bronze medals.

Rideau won the overall burgee and the burgees for the U16 Men, U16 Women, U18 Men, U18 Women, Senior Women and Masters categories.

Congratulations to all athletes and coaches!
32 Gold Medalist Crews
  • U16 WOMEN C-1 1000M    Ella HODGSON-PAGEAU
  • U16 WOMEN K-1 200M    Toshka BESHARAH
  • U16 WOMEN C-1 200M    Ella HODGSON-PAGEAU
  • U16 MEN C-1 200M    Kieran GRAHAM
  • U16 MIXED C-15 200M    Andres CARRANCO (Captain)
  • U18 MEN K-2 500M    Alessandro BUSA, Jacob PRICE
  • U18 MEN C-2 500M    Logan GAUTHIER, Matthew O'NEILL
  • U18 WOMEN K-4 500M    Maren BRADLEY, Hayley CONRAD, Olivia PUCCI, Jessica REDDIN
  • SENIOR WOMEN K-2 1000M    Natalie DAVISON, Madeline SCHMIDT
  • U18 MEN C-2 1000M    Ensby BRULE, Matthew O'NEILL
  • U18 WOMEN K-2 1000M    Maren BRADLEY, Jessica REDDIN
  • U18 MIXED C-15 200M    Reid FARQUHARSON (Captain)
  • SENIOR WOMEN K-4 500M    Maren BRADLEY, Hayley CONRAD, Natalie DAVISON, Madeline SCHMIDT
  • JUNIOR MEN K-2 1000M    Lochlen FARQUHARSON, Alexander HOFEREK
  • SENIOR MEN C-2 500M    Stephen FRODSHAM, Drew HODGES
  • MASTER WOMEN C-1 500M    Marie-Andree JACQUES
  • U18 MEN IC-4 500M    Ensby BRULE, Logan GAUTHIER, Matthew O'NEILL, Alec SIBTHORP
  • U18 MEN C-2 200M    Ensby BRULE, Matthew O'NEILL
  • U18 WOMEN C-15 500M    Reid FARQUHARSON (Captain)
  • SENIOR MEN C-2 200M    Stephen FRODSHAM, Drew HODGES
  • U18 WOMEN K-2 200M    Toshka BESHARAH, Olivia PUCCI
  • SENIOR WOMEN C-15 500M    Reid FARQUHARSON (Captain)
  • U16 WOMEN K-4 500M    Toshka BESHARAH, Kyla DROUIN, Alexandra JOAB, Ina ZENG
  • U16 MEN C-15 500M    Andres CARRANCO (Captain)
  • U16 WOMEN C-2 500M    Ella HODGSON-PAGEAU, Amelia WOJTYK
  • SENIOR WOMEN K-2 500M    Natalie DAVISON, Madeline SCHMIDT
  • U18 WOMEN K-2 500M    Maren BRADLEY, Hayley CONRAD
  • U16 WOMEN C-15 500M    Conor O'NEILL (Captain)
  • U16 MEN C-4 1000M    Peter BRADLEY, Stuart BRADLEY, Matthew COBDEN, Kieran GRAHAM
  • SENIOR MEN C-15 1000M    Reid FARQUHARSON (Captain)
2019 Canadian Masters Champions!

On Sunday the Rideau Canoe Club Masters paddlers competed at the Canadian Masters Championships. After a full day of races and with only a few paddlers they were able to win the Overall CanMas burgee putting the cherry on top of the 2019 successful season!
Congratulations to the Rideau Canoe Club Coaches, the best canoe kayak coaching staff in the country, for a great season. From left to right Mihail Oghina, Cheyanne Farquharson, Andres Carranco, Aiden Stead, Reid Farquharson and Conor O'Neill.
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