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September 2018
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Image: Explosions of Colour
Iris Grace ©
Learn about autism, a complex and challenging long-term condition for many individuals. Discover the characteristics, plus develop an understanding of identifying and diagnosing autism.
Image: Copyright-free
This interactive lets you explore the different opinions of both experts and other learners. We’ll look at how confident you are in what the EU is. You won't need to disclose what side you support.
Image: Copyright-free
Is the rise of the selfie a sign of a culture collapsing into narcissism? The Open University’s Lisa Lazard and Rose Capdevila investigate if the popularity of the selfie isn’t completely negative.
Image: Copyright-free
Have you ever wanted to make your own recordings? This free course will allow you to experiment with microphone placement and learn how to create a recording log.
Image: IKEA ©
Broadcast on BBC Two
Last year nearly 900 million people in 49 countries visited IKEA. With a turnover of over £34 billion - what is the secret to its success?
Image: Everste/Getty Images ©
If you've been thinking about studying for a Masters degree, this free course will prepare you with the essentials to pursue your learning at this level. 
Image: Nosua ©
We're offering an exciting opportunity to participate in the pilot of a level 1 course, Making your learning count. It's an ideal way for you to start building a qualification that's unique to you.
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