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January 2019
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Happy New Year and welcome to a new beginning as we start 2019.

If it's a five-minute exploration or a 50-hour expedition into learning,
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under Creative Commons
January is a month notorious for feeling the financial squeeze. We've created a course to help you thrive financially all year. Find out how to manage your money and start the year in a positive way.
Image: Peepshow ©
Broadcast on BBC Two
ICONS looks at the achievements of the greatest figures of the 20th century, from scientists whose discoveries changed the life of billions, to sports stars and explorers who pushed the boundaries of what humankind thought possible.
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Creative Commons
Food critic William Sitwell resigned as editor of Waitrose’s magazine following a row over his response to a journalist, who proposed articles on veganism. Matthew Cole and Kate Stewart explore why veganism stimulates aggressive responses.
Image: The Open University ©
This free course is an introduction to the history of writing, and the key role it plays in human communication. It tracks the history from the invention of writing around 5,500 years ago to the mass popularity of emojis today.
Image: The BBC ©
Broadcast on BBC Two
The award-winning Hospital returns for its fourth series and for the first time captures the day-to-day life of six hospital Trusts across Liverpool. This six-part series will once again document the realities facing the NHS.
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Getty Images Plus ©
This free course will introduce you to several of the social aspects of humanity and being human. The focus is our day-to-day conduct, including ways which we are not necessarily aware of it, such as our most private dreams and fantasies.
Image: The Open University ©

The use of complex language sets humans apart from all other species. But what is language, where has it come from, and how does it work? This short-animated video examines the fundamental questions about language.

Image: John Loo under
Creative Commons
If you want to measure your carbon footprint and explore ways to reduce it, you can do this in our free course, Environment: treading lightly on the Earth. It also addresses the issue of greenhouse gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide.
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