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December 2018
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Christmas is fast approaching, and you can unveil free learning treats behind each door of our 2018 advent calendar. Discover gems from the world of learning with our favourite games, videos, courses, interactives and programmes. 
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Have you ever considered mentoring or coaching in a career context? This free course will help you assist an individual to find the right solution for them, plus make a difference in a wide range of situations.
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Why do students suffer from higher levels of depression and anxiety when compared to those who are not at university? Dr Jonathan Leach, a lecturer in Health and Social Care at The Open University investigates.
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Creative Commons.
What can we learn from Brexit and how this reflects on those who represent us in Parliament? Dr Volker Patent looks at the processes by which MPs are elected and how candidates can pass without checks into their integrity.
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Tired of clickbait? Satisfy your curious mind with a selection of thought-provoking short films and videos from the BBC. BBC Ideas is a short-form factual digital video project, centred on exploring ideas that challenge and inform.
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The Moon is the most extensively studied planetary body outside of Earth. Despite this, its formation mechanism is still a mystery. How was the Moon formed?
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