FESSUD Newsletter March 2016

Welcome to the FESSUD newsletter.

The FESSUD project is now well into its fifth and final year. The major works in this year have elements of looking back and looking forward. We are looking back in that much of our work is now focused on preparing the overall synthesis and conclusions of the FESSUD project. These syntheses will incorporate the results of our research on the nature and consequences of financialisation in so many economic, social and political arenas and the causes of the financial crises of 2007/09.

The looking forward is bringing together the range of policies considered within FESSUD, notably on financial regulation, macroeconomic and financial stability and for sustainability. FESSUD is also looking forward through the Foresight exercise which has been undertaken as Work Package 11.

Besides the working papers, policy briefs and dissemination activities of FESSUD, our work will be presented at two forthcoming conferences. The Foresight conference is to be held at the Bank of England on Wednesday 25th May – some further details below. The final annual event of FESSUD will be held 27th and 28th September in Brussels. This provides us with the opportunities to draw on the wide range of work which has been undertaken on financialisation and its consequences. A major part will be addressing the many concerns over financialisation, and how to develop economic and other policies to move towards a sustainable financial system which serves economy, society and the environment.
Malcolm Sawyer, Project Coordinator


Work Package 5: Finance and Well-being

Work Package 5 aims at evaluating the differentiated impact of financialisation and the crisis on well-being in the EU. This article provides the main conclusions of the EU survey and participatory research action that were launched to assess the relations of households with the financial system.
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Work Package 6: Finance, Development and Global Governance

Work Package 6 aims at addressing the changing global financial and monetary system, its impact on developing and emerging economies as well as the changing role of the EU within this global context. This article provides the developments of this work package in the past two years.
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The Financialization of Capitalism in Portugal

FESSUD researchers from the Centre for Social Study (CES) are publishing a book entitled ‘A Financeirização do Capitalismo em Portugal’ [‘The Financialisation of Capitalism in Portugal’].
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Opening Keynote Speech - 2016 ASSA Annual Meeting

Jan Kregel, FESSUD researcher from the Tallinn University of Technology, opened the prestigious 2016 Annual Meeting of the Allied Social Science Association (ASSA), which took place in San Francisco on January 3-5, 2016.
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Critical Economics Summer School, Lisbon

The Centre for Social Study (CES) organizes the ‘3rd Edition of the Critical Economics Summer School – The recent evolution of Capitalism in Portugal’ on 11-14 September 2016 in Lisbon, PT.
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Mapping the Future of Finance’ with the Bank of England

How will finance, the financial sector and relevant policies evolve in the 15 to 20 years to come? On 25 May 2016, FESSUD and the Bank of England will bring together finance experts from universities, the European Investment Bank and the US Senate to address this question.
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Save the date for the FESSUD final event!

Brussels, 27-28 September 2016. The FESSUD project will address the policy-making and academic audiences from Brussels and beyond during its final event.
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