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In this issue we invite you to discover the most important FESSUD events that took place in the last months of 2014 and the first months of 2015. There is a report on the 2014 FESSUD annual conference held in Warsaw in October which enabled FESSUD researchers to share and discuss their research findings on understanding the role of financialisation in the generation of financial crises, and on a range of policy debates to promote a more socially responsible financial system.

A research workshop organised in Brussels involving civil society organisations from 9 different EU countries that will be doing participatory research on the relationship between the financial system and wellbeing is also featured. The work presented at the conference represented a relatively small part of research of FESSUD, and much more is available on the web-site.

The research in FESSUD continues apace resulting in a steady stream of FESSUD working papers: to facilitate the finding of work on specific subjects the working papers are now also listed under the Work Package to which they relate. Please consult the growing list of FESSUD working papers and of FESSUD Studies in Financial Systems – there is much going on!

For this newsletter, the work of Work Package 4 on regulation of the financial system, Work Package 7
on financialisation and environmental sustainability and Work Package 9 on the reaction of economic policies to the global financial crisis are featured. 

Malcolm Sawyer, Project Coordinator



WP4 - Regulation of the financial sector

Studies within the Work Package 4 have revealed several insights on both theoretical and practical level. It has been possible to detect the evolutionary nature and the dynamic mode of mutual interaction and interdependence of finance and regulation with the signs of long-term processes of continuity and change that entail path dependencies...
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WP7 - Finance, environment and sustainability

Work Package 7 aims to assess from both an empirical and a theoretical perspective the connections between financialisation and sustainability with a particular reference to environmental sustainability. The unsustainability of the existing energy system and the transition to a low carbon economy are also discussed.
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WP9 - Financial stability and macroeconomic policies 

Work Package 9, during 2014, has been devoted mainly to three different research topics: the relationship between financial (in)stability and the macroeconomy, the reaction of economic policies to the global financial crisis, and investigation into the causes, consequences and alternative policies to macroeconomic divergence within the Eurozone.
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Inviting marginalized groups to challenge the structures creating marginality in the financial sector

The European think and do tank POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ – PLS, based in Brussels is in charge of coordinating a participatory research activity on Financialization and Wellbeing where civil society organizations (CSOs) from 9 different countries participate.
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FESSUD in the Journal of Financial Stability

The Journal of Financial Stability has released the FESSUD Working Paper Series No 33, Assessing the link between price and financial stability.
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“Financial Crisis: Causes, Policy Responses, Future Challenges”

A new publication was released by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research & Innovation: “Financial Crisis: Causes, Policy Responses, Future Challenges. Outcomes of EU-funded Research”.
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M. Jurek’s new book on the Structure of Ownership in the Financial Sector

FESSUD researcher and associate Professor in the Poznan University of Economics (POL), Michal Jurek, has just released a book entitled “The Structure of Ownership in the Financial Sector across the European Union”.
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10 April 2015 - FESSUD workshop - Financialisation of Housing and Water in Turkey

The Middle East Technical University organises a workshop on 10 April 2015 on Financialisation of housing and water in Istanbul and Ankara.
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7-8 May 2015 - FESSUD WP3 - Workshop in Berlin

The Berlin School of Economics and Law (Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin) organises a workshop aiming at presenting and discussing the results of the research led on the ‘Causes and consequences of the Financial Crises’ (WP3).
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11-12 May 2015 - FESSUD WP7 - Workshop in Lund (SWE) 

The Lund University organises a workshop aiming to promote dialogue and collaboration between researchers working on Finance, Environment and Sustainability (WP7) and the other researchers in FESSUD.
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