Welcome to the FESSUD newsletter

Welcome to the FESSUD newsletter,

The annual FESSUD conference with the title of ‘Impacts of Financialisation on Society, Environment and Economy’ is being held in Lisbon 15th/16th October. Details of the conference and the call for papers are available here.

The FESSUD workshops on Causes and Consequences of the Financial Crisis held in Berlin 7th/8th May 2015 provided opportunity to present and discuss some of the research of Work Package 3. The workshop included the launch of the book The Demise of Finance-Dominated Capitalism edited by Eckhard Hein, Daniel Detzer and Nina Dodig (published by Edward Elgar) which is based on some of the work of Work Package 3.

Please consult the growing list of FESSUD working papers and of FESSUD Studies in Financial Systems as well as our new sections for FESSUD books and FESSUD articles in various books and journals – there is much going on!

For this newsletter, the work of
Work Package 5 - Finance and well-being - is featured with insights on the preliminary results of the survey launched in this framework.

Malcolm Sawyer, Project Coordinator



WP5 - Finance and well-being

Work Package 5 on Finance and Well-being aims at evaluating the differentiated impact of financialisation and of the crisis on well-being across the EU, focusing in particular on the relations of households with the financial system. Click below to read more about the survey and participatory research action that were launched on this particular aspect.

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The Demise Of Finance-Dominated Capitalism Explaining the Financial and Economic Crises

The new FESSUD book co-edited by Eckhard Hein, Daniel Detzer and Nina Dodig from the Berlin School of Economics and Law, has recently been published under the New Directions in Modern Economics series, by Edward Elgar.
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Insights on the current problems of the Eurozone' by Massimo Cingolani

Massimo Cingolani, is managerial advisor within the Operations Directorate of the European Investment Bank and member of the stakeholder group of the FESSUD project. He comes back to the current issues faced by the Eurozone since the crises of the last decade in this news FESSUD video

Workshop in Berlin, May 2015: Focusing back on the Causes and Consequences of the Financial Crisis

May 2015, the Berlin School of Economics and Law organised a workshop aiming at presenting and discussing the results of the research led on the Causes and Consequences of the Financial Crisis (WP3). Click below to know more about the discussions held in this occasion.

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FESSUD research introduced at the INFER workshop in Portugal

FESSUD researchers presented their work at the INFER (International Network for Economic Research) workshop on Heterodox Economics held in Coimbra, 17th/18th April.

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