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Alliance is pleased to announce the ...
2017-2018 Alliance Awards for PhD Mobility
Please join the Alliance Program in congratulating the 20 awarded PhD Mobility students of  2017-2018. The Alliance Call for Doctoral Mobility is intended to support and finance transatlantic research projects of the highest quality, in all disciplines under a joint supervision of faculty members from Columbia, Sciences Po, Paris 1, and Ecole Polytechnique. This year we are privileged to award the largest number of students since the launch of the program.

A reviewing team of faculty helped select from an original cohort of applications. We thank the reviewers for their vital contribution to making this program a success.
To Columbia University
Tyler Abbot
Sciences Po - Economics
The estimation of a model of heterogeneous risk preferences in financial markets
Faculty Supervisors:
Nicolas Coeurdacier & Patrick Bolton

Anne Bontour
Paris 1 University - Management
Assess the effects of several endorsement strategies on the consumer with regard to social comparison
Faculty Supervisor:
Nathalie Guichard

Perrine Ferrer-Lormeau
Paris 1 University - Law
Parentage Law from a Gender perspective - a Comparatist Approach
Faculty Supervisors:
Anne-Marie Leroyer  & Suzanne B. Goldberg
Anais Goburdhun
Ecole Polytechnique - Economics
Introducing a Tropical Storm Insurance Scheme for the South West Pacific Region: Estimating Risk Profiles of Potential Members 
Faculty Supervisors:
Eric Strobl & John Mutter
Camille Lesouef
Paris 1 University -
Architectural History

Between architecture, decorative arts and garden design. The union of arts in the formal garden in Europe (1890-1925)
Faculty Supervisors:
Jean-Philippe Garric & Barry Bergdoll
Thais Nunez-Rocha
Paris 1 University - Economics
Legislation versus treaties: the effect on environmental outcomes in an open economy
Faculty Supervisors:
Mouez Fodha & Scott Barrett

Leandro Peredo
Columbia University - Geography
"From Values to Rights"  Slum upgrading and participatory planning in heritage sites
Faculty Supervisors:
Alessia de Biase & Alejandro de Castro Mazarro
Sarah Tanke
Sciences Po - Political Science
Decision-making processes in foreign policy: the case of Japan and Human Security
Faculty Supervisors:
Guillaume Devin & Carol Gluck
To Paris
Devon Golaszewski
Columbia University -

Reproductive Labors: West African Reproductive Expertise and Biomedical Legibility
Faculty Supervisors:
Gregory Mann & Johanna Simeant

Roberto Pesenti
Columbia University - Art History
Gothic Encounters. Artistic Interaction between France and Venice in the Fourteenth Century 
Faculty Supervisors:
Holger A. Klein & Philippe Plagnieux

Madeline Woker
Columbia University - History
Fiscal justice in the colonies? The politics of taxation in the French Empire, 1990-1939
Faculty Supervisors:
Susan Pedersen & Nicolas Delalande
Francisca Aguayo
Paris 1 University - Law
The United Nations and the United States practice on the coordination of international organizations in post-conflict reconstruction
Faculty Supervisor:
Pierre Michel Eisemann
Edoardo Ciscato
Sciences Po - Economics
Search and Matching Models: Applications to the Economics of the Family
Faculty Supervisors:
Jean-Marc Robin & Pierre-Andre Chiappori
Dephine Giney
Paris 1 University - Geography
The social acceptance of the Roosevelt Island tramway
Faculty Supervisors:
Pierre Pech & Robert Beauregard

Romain Grandmaison
Paris 1 University - Political Science
Sociology of violent groups: the case of criminal organizations in Michoacan, Mexico
Faculty Supervisors:
Gilles Dorronsoro & Pablo Piccato

Aude-Cecile Monnot
Sciences Po -

Crimes of daily life: Traditions and Modernity on trial in Soviet Central Asia 1920-1940 
Faculty Supervisors:
Jakob Vogel & Alexander Cooley
Sara Panata
Paris 1 University - History
Gender constructions, women's collective mobilizations and the circulation of feminisms: from the Nigerian experience to the African American one (1945-1991)
Faculty Supervisors: Renaud Barbaras &
Anne Hugon & Abosede A. George
Antonin Plarier
Paris 1 University - History
Rural bandity in Algeria during the colonial period (1871-1920s)
Faculty Supervisors:
Christine Lebeau & Emmanuelle Saada


Nicholas Mulder
Columbia University -

The Economic Weapon: The Idea and Practice of Sanctions in Britain and France 1914-1933
Faculty Supervisors:
Mark Mazower & Jerome Sgard

Anna Provitola
Columbia University - French and Romance Philology
Sexual Democracy and National Identity: The Cosntruction of Queer and Lesbian Identity in the French Literary and Activist Discourses from 1970s to the Present 
Faculty Supervisors:
Madeleine Dobie & Marianne Blidon
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