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Wraiths of the Broken Land Movie Deal

RDSP Novel by S. Craig Zahler to be Adapted for Film by Ridley Scott

20th Century Fox has committed to make Wraiths of the Broken Land their follow-up to The Martian, reuniting director Ridley Scott, screenwriter Drew Goddard (Daredevil, The Cabin in the Woods), and producers Simon Kinberg, Michael Schaefer, and Aditya Sood.
This is the biggest thing to happen to RDSP pretty much ever and has generated a lot of publicity! Fangoria has exclusive comments from the author and publishers, while Yahoo Finance sees this a a big bound for indie presses.

For the inside scoop on what it's like when a book makes it big: Ridley Scott, S. Craig Zahler & Me

We have a VERY limited number of paperback copies of WRAITHS signed by S. Craig Zahler now in stock and are offering to SUBSCRIBERS FIRST.

While the Black Stars Burn Receives a Stoker

For the 2nd year in a row, a collection of Lucy A. Snyder's, published by RDSP, has received the Bram Stoker Award. While the Black Stars Burn received top honors this year and was the followup to 2014's Soft Apocalypses. To celebrate the win we've put the While the Black Stars Burn ebook on sale for .99 for a limited time.

StokerCon Blog Report
Photos from StokerCon

Reader's Choice Voting Begins

The Reader’s Choice Award is on its 3rd year and includes all titles published by RDSP and its imprint Dog Star Books in 2015. Anyone can VOTE in the first round poll!

If you would like to be considered for the judging team and do not know any of the authors personally email us.

Book Deal: Maria Alexander, Snowed

We are very pleased to announce that we’ve signed Maria Alexander’s second novel SNOWED continuing the productive collaboration that began with MR. WICKER which garnered a Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel. It’s slated for release later this year and is sure to be a popular title for the winter holidays. Read the full press release.

RDSP's publishing schedule for 2016 has been evolving. You can see the updated schedule here.

Next books include Stolen Away by Kristin Dearborn & Battle Without Honor or Humanity Vol. 2 by D. Harlan Wilson

Pre-Order Steel Magic (copies will be signed)

“In this return to Gribble’s unique world-blend of fantasy and alternate history, readers will relish the compelling portrayal of magic and the sometimes easy-going, sometimes sexy, sometimes heart-wrenching tests of the warrior-mage bond.”—Jen Brooks, In a World Just Right

“Well-written and a fun read, Steel Magic by J.L. Gribble is filled with mystery, sacrifice, and challenges that will keep you turning the pages until the very end.”—Jennifer Brozek, Never Let Me Sleep

Just Released

There’s a striptease that happens in Brothel that is neither fact nor fiction, fantasy nor memory. It is a dance of eroticism, of death and decay. The human body becomes a service station for pain, for pleasure, for the lonely, the confused. Sexuality is hung on the door, and the act of love is far from anything that’s decent. Her women spread their legs to violence then smoke a cigarette and get on all fours. They use their bodies as weapons and learn to find themselves in the climax of the boundaries they cross in order to define their humanity…or lack thereof.

In the 22nd century, a second Civil War is decades past. The states of the New British Empire have been reduced to working with Victorian-era technology—that is, except physicist Edward Vere, who invents time travel with a little help from aviation pioneer Wilbur Wright. Vere partners with historian Ben Jonson to monetize the invention,  founding the first time travel agency. Unbeknownst to them, a serial killer is using the technology to murder without detection. When Ben discovers the killer has targeted the woman he loves, the mild-mannered academic must become brave enough to change history rather than merely observing it.

Poet. Pirate. It’s all the same really. They both pillage, plunder, drink rum, look for treasure, and sometimes, after too many drinks, they’re known to throw a right hook or two. But that’s the beauty of poetry and piracy-it’s unhinged, a stream of emotions that make you laugh, cry, bleed, bruise, and eat oranges to prevent scurvy. It’s an adventure. It’s feeling the wind on your face from the sea or the page. It’s tasting the salt in the ocean or in your tears. But most importantly, it’s the experience of getting from one port to another, one page to the next, killing one more siren and murdering just one more darling.
This year DogCon will be in Delaware!

Details are still being worked out but it is likely much of the action will take place at our Broadkill Writers' Retreat. If you're interested in coming keep October 1st and 2nd clear. More details to come.

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