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Version (Atlas only)

Many of you have asked for the ability to see individual satellites, rather than the whole category.  Here you go!  

Timely Satellite Data and Launches
In light of the recent launches by Space X, we've received many questions about the timeliness of our satellite telemetry.  How soon do we get it?  The quick answer: As soon as they tell us, which would could be up to 8 hours.  For more a in depth explanation, read this post

Get the Update
To receive this update, just reboot your Geochron Atlas (power button / reboot) or select the "Download System Update" (Menu / System tab).  It needs to be connected to the Internet by ethernet or WIFI.   The Atlas will reboot.   Please note: pulling the power while it's rebooting will damage the Atlas.  Actually, any computer!

Coming up, an API for your own layers
We are wrapping up an API that will allow anyone with modest coding skills to add their own layers to the Geochron Atlas.  If you're interested in taking a crack at it, please contact us directly for an API key.  Your creativity could help thousands of others.


From our change log:

06-10-2020: Select Individual Satellites

Version (Atlas only)


  •  Using the dropdown box in any and multiple categories, you will see “Show” and “Hide” on each satellite listed.  You can select as many satellites as you like, without viewing entire categories. 
  • The “Hide All” selection at the top of each category will “Hide All” selected satellites for that category.
  • The “Hide All”  button adjacent to “See All Groups” at the top of all categories will remove all selected satellites from the display.
  • Improvements in page scrolling indicators for Satellites, Time, and Pins tabs.

05-01-2020: Scrolling Pin List, Stability Improvements (Atlas only)

Version (Atlas only)


  • Number of custom pins in-use is now displayed, alongside the maximum count of 50
  • Pins are now in a scrolling list, so if you add more than fit on the screen, you can still navigate to them!
  • Set-up new software testing system to limit interruptions to normal updates.
  • Miscellaneous stability improvements

Fixed bugs:

  • Full Factory Reset could sometimes prevent updates in the future.
  • Sometimes software would update, but the version number would not.
  • Updated ‘factory software’ reset bundles to prevent related issues from reoccurring.

Questions?  We're ready for you at 800-342-1661 before 4pm PST, or at


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