2020: Our 56th year!
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56 years ago

Martin Luther King was awarded the Nobel Peace Price, and the World Trade Center had yet to be built; but in 56 orbits around the Sun the clock has endured and a testament to the 250 of you that had one restored with us this year.  

I feel the weight of the legacy, and how precarious running a boutique machine shop is in the USA today.  Also, extremely proud of the newest generation that we created in the same room: Geochron Digital 4k.  

Below, take a look back, and forward at where Geochron is.  

Talk to you soon,

I read all the replies, and reply to the nice ones!
In the beginning, inventor James Kilburg sold off his automatic rotary phone dialer business, and told Delta Airlines he could build dozens of mechanical world clocks for their airport boardrooms, with a down payment for some tools.
Geochron grew (1987 New York Times article), especially with the Amateur Radio community, as it was the only way at the time to visualize the Grey Line in real time on Earth.
Geochron built a special clock for President Ronald Reagan, who then gave one to Russian President Gorbachev as a diplomatic gift on his first visit to America.  The clock was featured in many movies
In the early 2000’s, Geochron moved out of the Bay Area in Northern California and up to Portland, Oregon under new ownership, but several craftsmen lived briefly in Oregon to pass on how to build the intricate world clock.
As the internet replaced most of the functions that the Geochron World Clock was traditionally used for, Geochron retooled towards restorations of our older world clocks.  To this day, 2/3rds of our work is restoration.
In 2015, Geochron began a new chapter starting with a magnetic drive system that would last longer.  Limited Editions were developed with dimmable LED systems, and new high quality mapsets.    In response to your feedback, development for a first generation digital 4k display concluded in 2018 reinvigorating the historic brand.
And that brings us to 2019!  This year we continued development of the 4k clock bringing version 2… which looked up to the heavens: live weather & satellites! 
Version 2 was the manifestation of the digital version that we imagined from the start, and we spent most of the Summer converting our early-adopting version 1 customers, answering endless technical support calls and emails. 
A TV news station interviewed us on short notice, resulting in our 15 minute of fame locally, and a few sales too.  It was pretty exciting!
With the changing international trade situation in China, we put a great deal of effort into getting the right hardware for more Geochron Digitals.  This has been painful, but we expect more digitals to be available in the 1st quarter of 2020. 
We also purchased a small commercial building outside Portland, Oregon where we could preserve our shop to work on the mechanical clocks.  If you’ve ever tried to find a repair service for any mechanical clock, you’ll know that this industry is almost gone in America.  Even so, Geochron restores or builds 300-400 clocks per year.
What’s coming up for 2020?

Well, we’re moving to that shop in February!   We’re also very much looking forward to getting more Geochron Digitals (waitlist) in stock, and moving on to new features and improvements.  First on the list: faster menu response time, and adding the layers that many of you have asked for. 

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