Out of stock here, but not there.

Hey Everybody,

This is Patrick, the Chief Wrangler at Geochron, and I want to thank you for your patience on the waitlist for Geochron Digital Version 2.  This has taken longer than we estimated! 

Although we are completely out of stock at the moment, we have four online partners that DO have Geochron Digital Version 2 in stock right now.   I don’t have a good estimate when we’ll have Geochron Digital Version 2 back in stock, as we are working our way through integrating the program into a new hardware platform.   

In the USA and Canada:

Ham Radio Outlet: Geochron Digital Version 2

DX Engineering: Geochron Digital Version 2

Gigaparts: Geochron Digital Version 2 

You can also get your Geochron Digital from Difona in the EU:

Difona: Geochron Digital Version 2

If you want it soon, get it now.  The number of GD4k's available around the world is dwarfed by the size of our current wait list.

Also below:
Is there a new Geochron coming?
When, actually? What's the backstory here?
Show me a video of Patrick talking about this!

Again, thank you for your patience, and to our partners.  I'll keep you posted!
Owner, and Chief Wrangler

No.  When we get more Geochron Digitals ready to go, they will be Version 2.

The new stock will use different hardware.  Our new hardware platform is called “Stratus”, and it’s identical in performance and display features to the Geochron Digitals in stock at our partners above.  Updates and new upgrades are and will be available IN ALL Version 2 devices. 

For a deep dive on the small changes in the upcoming "Stratus", check out this video.
When, actually?

I don’t have a good estimate, but at least three weeks.  When it's back in stock, we will have limited 15% wait list discount for Geochron Digitals.

What is the backstory here?

The computer that renders Geochron Digital Version 2 in 4k is built for video acceleration for that crispy image our owners enjoy.  When that advanced chipset was no longer available, we had to change to another hardware platform… It's 3D Chess. It's tedious.

Just this week, Geochron has hired contract programmers to speed this up because we don’t like being out of stock either. 
The difference between Geochron Version 2 and Geochron Version 2 "Stratus"
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