Photo contest.  Geochron Stratus hardware.
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Geochron, Geochron on the wall...

...who was the the loveliest of them all in 2018?  An Irish dining room (pictured above)...And it's time for our 2nd Annual photo contest!  There are two categories this year: mechanical and digital, but both will win a Geochron Digital Version 2, with our new Stratus hardware.

We've been out of stock for several weeks as we convert to new hardware.  The Stratus runs the same Geochron program, but with a few improvements like USB power from any available USB port.  With its small size, you could easily tape or Velcro it to the back of the monitor with no power cords.  More below.

Every Version 2 Geochron has a new standby-sleep mode, and predictive satellite paths in the most recent upgrade; and if you haven't upgraded from Version 1 to Version 2, you really should

Many mechanical clock owners want their clock in top shape for the Holidays... since we get very busy making new custom new clocks in December, I'd suggest sending in your restoration now, and get free or discounted upgrades!  Or, you could trade it in for the upcoming Geochron Stratus.

It was this time last year that I mentioned my son was in the USAF boot camp, and many of you responded with congrats.  This week was another milestone for him and I'm a proud Dad.

Talk to you soon,

2019 Photo Contest

Announcing our second annual photo contest!  We get so excited when Geochron owners send in their installation pictures, and this year we’re expanding the contest to two categories: Digital and Mechanical. Want to check out your competition?  We always put some in our emails, and weekly on our Facebook page.  

This is how it works:
  • Send us your photo.  If you’ve already sent it this year, we’ll include it in the contest.  You are welcome to resubmit from 2018.
  • Our staff will pick the best 10 photos in each category.
  • The top 10 will be voted on by the public online starting November 25th, closing Cyber Monday (December 2nd).  We’ll send the link to every email address we have, and on our website.
  • We’ll send a Geochron Digital 4k : Stratus to the winner in each category and announce it in the email.
Since this is our 2nd try, we now have rules.
  1. If you won last year (winning photo), you can’t win again. 
  2. If you cheat on the voting, your photo won’t win.
  3. Pictures with a mechanical AND a digital Geochron will be entered in both categories.
  4. If you win, you get a Geochron Digital 4k : Stratus!
Pro Tip: Some people sent pictures of their pets last year.  We'd like a picture of your Geochron in its room, so we can see where you put it!
Send in your Geochron photo to us!
Restoration Upgrades through Thanksgiving
In our last upgrade promotion of the year, get a free LED light upgrade, or 30% off a premium map upgrade with your mechanical clock restoration of any age.   Get your serial number, find the shipping container, and have a beautifully restored Geochron for the Holidays!  Pricing is here, then call or contact us here.
Coming up: Geochron Stratus
  • USB Power from any available port.  Eliminate that power cord!
  • Just 10 watts max. power consumption, and lower heat.
  • Better video performance
  • The case is 1/2 the size of the previous generation.
We're out of stock at the moment of all digitals, but we expect the Geochron Stratus to be available in a few weeks. 
We won't be offering any discounts over the Holidays, but there is an incentive for getting on the waitlist!
Update for Standby mode and future satellite paths
In response to your requests, we recently added future satellite paths as an option, and an easy to use sleep mode that darkens the screen, but keeps the computer on.   To update to, Geochron Digital owners can just reboot (while connected to the internet), or press the “Download system update” in the system menu.  For more details, read the change log.
Just a proud moment as my son and Geochron's past Summer employee finished USAF tech school this week as a flyer!    
I'll trade you a Geochron Digital
We are re-opening our Exchange program for mechanical world clocks with a sweet deal: You send us your broken down Geochron mechanical clock, and we’ll send you a new Geochron Digital 4K V2 (retail value: $399).  If your clock is less than 45 years old and not bent, it has value to us because some of these parts are no longer available or hard to come by.  Details here, or call us

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