A new update brings Greyscale maps and True Night.  Plus, I need a good lock picker.
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With no less than four 4k screens

showing Geochron Digital in my sight during a normal day, I’ve gotten better over time at parsing irregular weather patterns.   Whether it’s Louisiana getting dumped on, or Europe as hot as Saudi Arabia, you can often see drama on the news unfold in real time on the Geochron Digital.  (Somebody suggested the Trump Tracker, but that might be going too far!) 

For now, with the lazy heat of summer hanging over the Pacific Northwest, we’re rolling out a few map feature changes for our Geochron Digital Version 2 customers: Absolute Black and Greyscale (video).

If you have not yet upgraded from Version 1 to Version 2, the window for a free upgrade is closing soon.

In early July, we finished a print run of the beautiful Premium mapsets using the same dye-sublimation technology from the successful Geochron Earth Series, now sold out... but these new mapsets are ready for your clock!

And, I need a lock pick.  60 safe deposit boxes in a bank building we recently acquired (anchor) could be full of untold riches!



Last Month for free V2 updates

This Summer, we’ve been offering Geochron Digital Version 1 customers three ways to update to Version 2.  Two of these paths will be closed at the end of August (why is this?), leaving only the Factory Upgrade route for Version 1 owners who want the speedy and feature-rich Version 2.
  1. DIY download. (ending August 30)
  2. Flash Drive Upgrade (ending August 30)
  3. Mail-in Factory Upgrade (continuing)
Satellite Weather, faster performance, and stability is just around the corner for you... 

Premium Mapsets

We’ve recently finished a new print run of our Premium Mapsets for the Geochron World Clock.  You may remember the first rollout of these specialty-prints in our sold-out Geochron Earth map, and now a variant of these maps showing the same depth and oceanic topography is available for all Geochron World Clocks.

It’s something we’re proud of.  It is the best mapset Geochron has seen in its 55 year history, and better than half our restorations are upgrading to this specialty 6 foot long print.

Geochron buys a mysterious bank

Were you to visit Geochron, you’d see that it’s a 2,500 square foot machine shop in a suburb of Portland, Oregon.   The high rent is a real threat to our humble mechanical business, so Geochron recently purchased an abandoned bank even further outside of town, in Estacada, Oregon.  We’ll be moving in early 2020. 

Curiously, the bank left behind these safe deposit boxes.  No keys.  Does anyone know how to pick a lock?  I’ll split it with you!
A quick walkthrough the newest update to Geochron Digital Version 2

Unique Installations

We really enjoy pictures from our owners of their Geochron installations.  Do you have one?  Send it in, and maybe get into the newsletter!

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