New Atlas hardware, Svalsbard, Red Bull
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Introducing Atlas 2
The earliest versions of the Geochron Digital - now three years ago - were a bit clunky, I'll admit.  I'm proud to say that every feature you see on the newest hardware is also on those legacy units, just slower.  

But our newest Atlas 2 is the next step of performance.  It has all the options and features that Atlas 1 does, but by doubling the memory and using a faster processor, the menu response is greatly improved.  The case itself is almost identical, but the performance improvement is remarkable.  For those who have questions about the differences between Atlas 1, Atlas 2, and Version 2, there is an explainer below. 

After every newsletter, an owner will fill me in on the rest of the story.  In this case, this story is about submarine data cable that disappears off the map above Norway.  Who needs a 30 gb/s fiber optic connection in the North polar region (Svalsbard)?  Turns out, we do!  Read below to find out why.  We learn a lot from our customers, who freely share technical advice as we develop more digital features.  (Thanks Carl,and!)

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a super-fan: someone who has a mechanical and digital Geochron, and in the same room... an Emmy for video production work on the Bejiing Olympics!  I daydream of just riding around on my motorcycle and finding more great installations after this COVID situation is over.  

It's amazing to see where Geochron is installed, like Honda Racing Formula 1 operations on Red Bull TV, and I sure look forward to seeing more! 

Stay safe!


I read all the replies, and reply to the nice ones!

Who needs 30 gigs/second at the North Pole?

Turns out, Geochron does!  The satellites that NOAA uses to observe weather and atmospheric phenomena need a spot to dump their data over the northern polar regions.  Even though Svalsbard island is entirely inhospitable to humans, its location is prime real estate for satellite data collection.  Moving and geostationary satellites dump their data to the huge dishes on the island.  From there, the data moves within seconds down the undersea fiber optic cables that you can see on your Geochron.

Weather apps populate, and Geochron 4k screens flicker with beautifully rendered clouds and precipitation patterns.  A vast infrastructure pulses around the world to bring you a rich context that I – for one – used to take for granted!

Atlas 1 v. Atlas 2... 40% faster

Quick Answer: Same features, but faster rendering and menu operation.

Deep dive: The Atlas 2 uses faster Intel processors and more memory to increase performance and overall stability compared to Atlas 1.  In our tests, it’s about 40% faster in all operations.  Atlas 2 has a slightly larger case, but the same basic “candy bar” shape as Atlas 1.  Read more here

Both Atlas 1 and Atlas 2 share the same Live Layers and options.  As new layers and features are developed by Geochron, Atlas 1 and Atlas 2 will share them.  Atlas 2 will always be a better performing unit, simply because it has more memory and faster hardware.

Atlas 1 is on sale!

You can get Atlas 1s from our reputable distributors, and probably at a discount!  Again, it has all the features of Atlas 2!

Geochron Version 2How Does Atlas 2 compare to Version 2?

Quick Answer: As of March 2021, every Live Layer and option available on Atlas 1 and 2 is also available on Geochron’s Version 2.

Deep Dive: Looking to the future, we expect that the Version 2 will be limited in how many layers it can display simultaneously, and some planned layers – especially those involving moving images – are simply beyond what Version 2 hardware can do. 
Patrick, the Owner of Geochron, in his riding gear with John James - an Emmy award winner for video production at his home in Arizona.  He's a big time sailor, as well. 
A Geochron owner caught this picture on Red Bull TV.  It's the Honda Racing hospitality suite, featuring a 2019 Limited Edition mechanical clock that we shipped to Europe.  Europe receives about 1/3rd of our new mechanical clocks that are built in Oregon.  

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