How to upgrade, BRG hybrids, and Track by airline.
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One in every airport lounge.
In 1964, the inventor of the Geochron took a prototype of his mechanical world clock to Delta Airlines.  He offered to build one for every Delta lounge, but needed to be paid up front.  They agreed, and he used the money to set up his shop in San Francisco.   Along with the time indicators on our mechanical clock, the wide Mercator projection begs the question "Can I see airplanes?  Satellites?  Precipitation?"  

Well, you can now!  Delta returns to Geochron, as well as 60 other airlines, with our newest update: tracking by commercial airline, courtesy of

When I came to own the company, I wanted to add photogenic layers to the clock myself: Can we do glowing Earth at Night?   I found a company who might be able to print phosphorescent ink directly on to our maps, but it was very expensive.  The map itself is 6' long, and she's sensitive.   We've found that inkjet ink will create a static electricity charge within the moving machinery of the clock, freezing the map on the aluminum rollers.  No, best to proceed very carefully with improvements to mechanical clock. The premium photographic print map was eventually the update we settled on. 

By comparison, our digital Atlas 2 is a playground of new ideas, and more are coming... thank you for your patience!  

I'm always delighted to others take the Geochron idea, and create a hybrid like BRG Products has below with their giant LED displays.  

Stay safe!


I read all the replies, and reply to the nice ones!

Upgrade Options

After our last newsletter where we introduced the Atlas 2, there were many questions about how to upgrade an older Geochron Digital.  We've done our best to combine the answers in one page, whether you have an older Version 1 or 2, or a newer Atlas 1.  We want our customers to enjoy our upcoming layers, but older hardware may not be able to keep up.  We expect Version 2 will sunset on new layers later this year.

Can you upgrade?  Yes.  Are there trade-in options?  Yes.  All the details are here.

Briefly, Or give your Version 2 to somebody who needs to be introduced to Geochron, and get yourself a newer, faster one!

Learn more about upgrading here.

Now Track by Airline!

By watching commercial air traffic by airline, it's easy to see patterns emerge where and when traffic flows across the globe.

By mid-afternoon Eastern Time, UPS is transporting packages from their 5 million square foot facility at Louisville International Airport.

There are more than 60 Airlines available now through our most recent update.  Download version on your ATLAS with Menu > System > Download System Update.  
This Commercial Aviation by Airline update is available for Atlas 1 and Atlas 2 Geochrons, for now.  We expect to have a performance update for Version 2 devices soon, and are committed to backwards compatibility for as long the Version 2 can handle it. (Changelog)
Although Geochron has a many Amateur Radio users, we have a very strong following among pilots.  On the left, a chair made from an engine cowling!

The Great Hybrid

For many years, there has been a giant digital world clock in my office with LED digits that are several inches tall. It's from BRG Products, and made in Kansas, USA.  It's a great conversation piece, and even predates my Geochron Digital.  When John introduced himself to me via email as an past dealer that sold mostly to the government, it was an easy conversation.  World Time!  My favorite topic!

"I got one of your new digital Atlases to try out, and I must say: I was pretty impressed.  Can we work together on combining these with my product line?"  

A few months later he sent me this video of a beautiful Geochron/BRG hybrid.  Wow!  We love to see someone take our idea, and add their own skillset to make something new: the BRG Geochron Time Zone Clock.

Amazing Installations!

Please send a picture of your installation to to be entered in our end of the year photo contest.

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