Aviation Layer, and Photo contest
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The View from 32,000'
brings that pleasant sense of detachment from the troubles of the planet below, right?  For the last several weeks, I’ve taken some comfort in watching thousands of planes crisscross between continents, like white birds flying above the storm below.  Goodbye politics, if just for a moment.

About 18 months ago, I marveled at the global aviation traffic I saw live on  “Wouldn’t that look awesome on a Geochron Atlas?” I said aloud.  When I sent an email to their tech support, I was shocked that the owner replied… and knew what a Geochron was!  A friend of his in the UK had one of our mechanical world clocks.

“Yes,” he said on a video call, “I can get you access to some of our live data.”  Update your Geochron Atlas or Version 2 to version, and learn more about our commercial aviation layer with a time-lapse video and details below.

November also brings back our 2020 photo contest!  We’ve had almost 100 installation photos submitted so far.  Have you submitted yours?  We’ll put them up for a vote in a newsletter, and you could win an Atlas!  Details below. 

While the whole world is on tenterhooks because of COVID-19 and political broilings, a look back to the beginning of Geochron in 1964 reminds me that history repeats itself because we're still human.  Wars, civil rights, elections, and tech rivalries... as a friend of mine said, "That just means you're living, Patrick!" 

Stay safe,


I read all the replies, and reply to the nice ones!
A cool time lapse video of flights around the world on the Geochron Atlas

The Aviation Layer

is a sampling of up to 700 flights in process around the world by category of continental ownership (North America, Africa, etc…)  If you auto-rotate between the categories, you’ll see that Asian airlines are all over the world, while North America mostly stays home because of international travel restrictions.  Patterns are obvious: want a flight to Hawaii from the West Coast? They don’t leave until the afternoon PST.

You can track individual flights at 

Geochron is steadily adding to our Live Layers.  Top three by popularity: Weather Precipitation, Satellites, and COVID.  Now, Commercial Aviation (!

Contest Photos for 2020

In every newsletter, I include entries for our end of the year photo contest, and we post two a week on our Facebook page.  Enter yours to win a free Geochron Atlas.  Categories are:
  • 4K General
  • 4K Ham Radio
  • Mechanical Geochron
All you have to do take a picture of the Geochron in its room, and email it to us!  Around Thanksgiving we’ll send a survey with the best pictures for you to vote on.  Past winners have been absolutely gorgeous!
Send us your photo for the contest!  For more great pictures of our installations, check out:
Instagram: #therealgeochron
Facebook: Geochron USA

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