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I nearly fell over

as I returned the 26 foot Uhaul after three days of moving our mechanical shop to a new building.   Having received a batch of bad hardware, we sailed through the 2019 Holiday season with nothing to sell and just couldn't afford movers.  We were exhausted.  

But quietly buoyed that our waitlist for the upcoming Atlas was growing every day, we moved and waited for hardware.  Such was the beginning of 2020, then COVID, then fire, then a triumphant end to 2020 that you can read about below.  Surely, 2021 will be easier!

Read about all of it below, and thanks for believing in us!

Head Wrangler

November 2019: Why isn't this hardware working?  We struggled to unlock the secrets of the Stratus hardware as last year's holiday season closed in.  Upon realizing Stratus was a failure, I literally put my forehead on the carpet and murmured, "Just give me a minute, guys."
February 2020: Leaving Stratus behind, we began working on putting the Atlas together which included the retail packaging.  Here, we review proofs in my home office... a location frequently used when Oregon shut down all businesses during the pandemic.
March 2020: With new Atlas hardware on the way, we let our lease expire and escaped the high rents of Portland by moving to a smaller space.  Everyone was worried how exactly we could fit in to a building that was 40% smaller, but if we could not: Geochron would not survive COVID.
March 2020: Some of us really shined during the week of moving, and everybody had to endure.  The new building was full of junk, and we ended up throwing out or recycling over 4,000 pounds of material.  Here, we are moving the foam packaging we use for our mechanical clocks.
May 2020: Returning from three weeks off of quarantine, we finished putting the shop together like a puzzle until it fit, but there was absolutely no room for Geochron Digital.
At the same time we were moving, the building was being remodeled.  The city of Estacada paid for half of it with a downtown improvement grant.  In the end, we rented out the front of the building to a women's clothing and jewelry store.  Geochron mechanical is in the back. 
April 2020: UPS finally delivered our Atlas hardware - to my house.  My wife and daughter spent their quarantine loading and packaging Atlas units, which sold quickly!  That work continues today.
June 2020: The Geochron digital display was perfect to display what the whole world was going through, so we tied into a database to display infection/death rates around the world for COVID.
July 2020: Other businesses were also having to adjust their marketing, and DX Engineering began streaming weekly tech talks with products they carry like Geochron!
August 2020: As a big fan of business podcasts, I was overjoyed to have Entrepreneur Magazine dedicate a podcast to Geochron.  To be knighted as a "Problem Solver" by a podcast I listen to was a personal highlight of the year.
September 2020: Having settled into a routine with a remote mechanical shop and home-office developers, we were interrupted once again by serious forest fires in Oregon.   One fire burned to within a mile of shop, and almost all our employees had to evacuate our homes.  Geochron was closed for two weeks.
As the fires began, UPS delivered another load of hardware to my driveway.  With reports of looting in evacuated areas, I could not leave my house until the hardware was safe.  A friend with warehouse inside Portland graciously took them in, allowing me to get out of town.
September 2020: agreed to share their generalized data to display commercial aviation around the world.  A perfect application for Geochron Atlas, which can track up to 500 vectors simultaneously (plus satellites).
November 2020: We always enjoy the fantastic photographs that owners send us as part of the end-of-year Installation Contest.  This one is from Eastern Europe.
Although not entered in our contest, a Geochron fan (who is obviously quick with a camera) sent us this shot from CNN of a photobombing Microsoft's President.  Since 1964, there have been over 30,000 Geochron mechanicals sold.  Most of our work is restoring them these days, but we still make several dozen new clocks every year for customers who really want something special.
December 2020: We happily wrapped up our 2020 with good sales during the Holidays, and (like the rest of the USA) hope for a more tranquil 2021.  We are smiling beneath our masks, I promise!

Pictured from left to right:
Patrick: owner & "Head Wrangler"
Emmelia: office manager and "The Nightingale"
Teagan: developer and "Chief Onieroclast"
Daryl: clockmaker and "Mechanical Sensei"
Ben: clockmaker
Andrew: developer and "Crusher of Dreams"
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