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Version (Atlas only)

There is a new update ready for you! 

Whether you think the COVID pandemic will destroy humanity, or doesn't actually exist... how about a helpful live visual of current infections, and total mortality around the world?  Geochron's COVID-19 layer updates daily and draws from an aggregated database with excellent credentials: Johns Hopkins University's COVID report drawing from at least 35 reporting agencies worldwide showing Confirmed Cases (Total Mortalities).

It's the best we could find, and it will be beautifully rendered on your Geochron Atlas as soon as you select the "Download System Update" (Menu / System tab).  It needs to be connected to the Internet by ethernet or WIFI.   The Atlas will reboot.   You can also reboot your Geochron Atlas.

Please note: This is a big update.  Expect 10 minutes to download, and don't pull the power while it's rebooting since that will damage the Atlas (actually, any computer!)  If your Atlas behaves unexpectedly, please contact us before you the pull the plug.

This update also includes a backend API so programmers with an API key can create their own personal layers over the Geochron maps through a browser.   This API makes it exponentially easier to modify our layers, and we're looking forward to many improvements in the near future!   Want to take a crack at it?   Start here with a list of layers we'll compensate you for, and get on the list for your API key.

Thanks, Patrick
Head Wrangler

For all the details, here's our most recent changelog:

07-24-2020: COVID-19 Live layer and API

Version (Atlas only)

– Back end API module loaded for future expansion.  Layer generation will be much easier in the next version for programmers.  

– Added COVID-19 layer utilizing Johns Hopkins University data.  Updating daily.

– Added source attributions for layers at Menu / Live selections.

– Improved weather layer stability and shorter intervals for data refreshes.

– Improved menu navigation performance, especially for the Live and Time tabs.

– Minor scrollable list bugfixes.

- Faster switching between satellite categories.

- Back End feature code access.

– Back End Logging improvements:
    – More information on display issues such as inability to reach 4K.
    – More information in general from renderer and interface to assist in overall troubleshooting.

– Notifications can now be dismissed more consistently.

05-01-2020: Scrolling Pin List, Stability Improvements (Atlas only)

Version (Atlas only)

– Number of custom pins in-use is now displayed, alongside the maximum count of 50
– Pins are now in a scrolling list, so if you add more than fit on the screen, you can still navigate to them!
– Set-up new software testing system to limit interruptions to normal updates.
– Miscellaneous stability improvements

Fixed bugs:
– Full Factory Reset could sometimes prevent updates in the future.
– Sometimes software would update, but the version number would not.
– Updated ‘factory software’ reset bundles to prevent related issues from reoccurring.


04-15-2020: Pin accuracy, Time Strip alignment (Atlas only)

Version (Atlas only)

– Reset to Factory Defaults button is now labelled Full Factory Reset, which will reset the Atlas to factory-installed software versions.
– Addition of Reset to Default Settings button in System tab, which will only delete user settings and Wi-Fi networks.

Fixed bugs:
– The Day of Week indicator along the bottom of the map and Time Strip at the top of the screen could become misaligned from the map when custom pins were moved.
– Position of pins, satellites, and satellite paths was sometimes inaccurate at high or low latitudes.
– Fixed crash upon manual entry of a large number into pin latitude/longitude field.
– Check for Update button in Power Menu did not apply updates, if found.


Questions?  We're ready for you at 800-342-1661 before 4pm PST, or at


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