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It's been nine years

since the USA launched an astronaut into space, but on Wednesday SpaceX and NASA are sending two astronauts up from Kennedy Space Center on a CrewDragon spacecraft.  Since the last Space Shuttle mission, the USA has been renting seats on Russia's Suoyuz spacecraft for an $86 million round trip.  SpaceX is a bargain at $55 million, but not Boeing

Anyone who has opened the Live Satellite layers on the Geochron Digital knows that we are in a golden age for launches, and SpaceX is launching dozens of low-orbit satellites at a time. However, the ultimate sight-seeing trip is probably a ways out for you, even with $100k down.

Geochron gets our data directly from Celestrak, and while it can take a couple of hours for new launches to start appearing, you will be able to see the Crew Dragon module trail and then merge with ISS on the Geochron Digital.  Pretty awesome!  Details below.International Space Station

I’ve always been a weather hound (because I don’t like to ride my bike in the rain), but didn’t know much about our presence in space beyond - you know - Ripley and Aliens until I took over Geochron.  Now, I watch SpaceX launches and booster recoveries with glee.

And I’m not the only one.  For the first time, I’d like to highlight a ‘heavy user’ of Geochron with a Deep Dive Bio below.  Collaborating with Michael on his bio has been fun, and if you’ve got a great story about your relationship with Geochron, let me know... And tune into YouTube on Wednesday to see this historic launch, then jump to your Geochron Digital to watch the rest of the action!

Talk to you soon,

I read all the replies, and reply to the nice ones!

How can I see new launches on the Geochron Digital?

Only on Version 2 or above:
From your remote, go to Menu / Live / Satellites. 
Under Satellites, select select [Show All] in the "Last 30 Days Launches".  
Under Satellites, select "Show Info"
To see the scheduled launch on Wednesday, look for "CrewDragon" on the map.

To see the ISS (which is ON by default)
From your remote, go to Menu / Live / ISS, and make sure the slide on the left is GREEN for ON.  
The ISS appears as a yellow line and satellite icon on the map.

Who Owns a Geochron?  Michael McCafferty

"I love it when a plan comes together... This morning I got an automated text message from NASA alerting me that the International Space Station (ISS) would pass over my house this evening at 8:55 PM. 

I'd been getting these texts for a couple of years, but I've never seen the ISS either because I'm asleep, or I forget, or it's overcast, but tonight it was looking like clear skies would be the exception to the normal "marine layer" overcast here by the beach. Right away, I told Siri to set an alarm for 5 minutes before show time and hoped for the best.
The alarm goes off, the sky is clear. This could be the big day! I get comfortable in a chair outside on the deck, facing Southwest. Two minutes, nothing, and then POW! There it is: streaking right at me at 17,150 miles per hour, 248 miles up, and amazingly bright in the reflected light of the sun that set just about an hour earlier. 
Mike's ISS Display 
It was over in about 3 minutes when the ISS disappeared to the Northeast, behind the house. It took me another minute to process. There are people in that little speck of light, and they are circling the earth every 92 minutes. Truly amazing.
Then the idea hit me: I wonder how accurate my Geochron is? I raced inside and turned on the big 4k display.  Sure enough there it was, the track of the ISS had cut a path directly over "Mikie's Fun House" (that's how I have my location pinned on the Geochron) and by this time it was several hundred miles further along to the Northeast. This new digital Geochron is awesome!
I first learned of the Geochron in the early '60s, when I was still in college, and I was instantly smitten with tech lust. Such an incredible device! It took another 30 years to afford one of my own. 
When I sold my software company (TeleMagic, the first CRM), in 1992, the Geochron was on top of the list of toys I wanted to buy, followed by a Ferrari and an open cockpit biplane. All three were long-standing dreams for "someday".  
Today I have two of the analog units (Boardroom), and 3 of the digital units. They are great conversation pieces, especially with my clients, all very techie CEOs of startups. I gave one of the digital units and a Boardroom model to my son. He loves them too! 
Every morning I wake up to the digital display of the latest 30 days worth of satellite launches and watch as more of Elon Musk's Starlinks take over the skies.    What a fantastic device the Geochron is.  What a fantastic world we live in!"

Editor's note: Michael McCafferty, 77, has enjoyed many endeavors including serial entrepreneur, computer salesman, programmer, race car driver, pool shooter, frisbee player, yogi, and most notably adventure aviator. He's the author of The Spirit of Adventure, the story of his summer of touring 11 European countries in his open-cockpit biplane, starting with a display at the Paris Air Show and ending 94 days later in the land of his ancestors, County Donegal, Ireland. The biplane is a 1935 design, with fabric covered wood wings and the old style round engine. All proceeds from the book are donated to research for a cure to paralysis caused by spinal cords injury. The book rated 4.5 stars out of 5, and is available on Amazon at this link.   Michael lives by the beach in Del Mar, California, and is an Advisor to first time startup CEOs, and writes a blog at His email is
"Mikie's Fun House" on the California coast.

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