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Around the world in 0.13 seconds
If our favorite neighborhood star went super nova, you wouldn't know it for 8 minutes and twenty seconds.  Then, boom.

But if I sent a direct message to you across the 3,500 mile gap from NY to Europe, the underwater freeway of lights carrying my bits would travel just as fast as sunlight, hitting the shore in about .02 seconds.  Now you can see the fiber optic cables connecting islands and continents on your Geochron with our new Submarine Cable Map

Lonely Ascension island has a fiber optic cable, so why not the Falkland Islands?  For years, I’ve heard of a mechanical Geochron world clock there, but couldn’t find any pictures until someone suggested the Victory Bar on Philomel Street, open 4pm weekdays.  And there it is on Google Maps, right next to the dart board!  

The Ocean is a central theme in our topographical premium maps, and in the Atlas’ boot-up photos  We’re often asked, “Where do those gorgeous pictures from?”  Read below for the answer.

The Pacific Northwest is at its rainiest and coldest in January and February.  Where we are, intemperate weather is uncommon. It’s usually just a cold drizzle… forever… and occasionally, snow.  But this gives Geochron a moment to recover from the customer-service heavy Holidays, getting Bernie to leave, and move into projects we’re excited about, like our new live moon display.  Next up, the much-asked-for Earthquake Live Layer!   

Don't forget to send me a picture of your installation!


I read all the replies, and reply to the nice ones!

Where do those 4k boot-up photos come from?


Where do those boot-up pictures come from?   In an effort to keep our costs low so we can keep providing live data to you at no cost, the US Government has been a great source of free high quality data.  The splash pictures you see are mostly from NOAA and NASA.    We’ve learned that there are many for-profit data companies (IBM) that charge big money for weather data that is actually, freely generated by the U.S – but the European Union makes you pay.

You can see a ton of them right here: NOAA Photo Library > Home

Boot-up pictures and data attached... 
               Yours truly, the U.S. Government

The Victory Bar in Stanley, Falkland Islands, UK.
Perhaps our most popular social media post ever. #therealgeochron
Some commented,
"Get him out of your shop!!  He wants to give your clocks away!"
"I'm from the U.S., and Bernie still makes no sense."

and I might have said, "Did the furnace break again? haha..."
Astronaut Scott Kelly rocking a Geochron digital in the background on the Today show (and a space suit).
This Geochron Atlas is set among the things this owner loves, including a piece of oak (on the mantle) from the HMS Victory that survived in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.  Her commander did not.

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