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If you've played around
in the Satellites category of the Geochron Atlas, you’ll know that this is a Golden Age for space flight in the United States.  At least once a week, I’m happily showing off the Atlas in my office, then playing the video of Space X booster rockets landing themselves (or trying to).

But every era of success is preceded by painful lessons, like THIS WEEK in 1964 – the year Geochron started - where:
  • A Minuteman Nuclear Missile rocket ignited in its silo during a safety check, fell 75 feet to the floor, and fortunately did not vaporize South Dakota.
  • It was determined that a space probe on its way to Mars would ultimately miss the planet by 150,000 miles.  It happened again in 1999.
Every photo I got this year has been a delight, and an affirmation that setbacks I know so well can indeed turn into something good.  Ronald Reagan said that Geochron was a “testament to American ingenuity.”  For me, it’s an example of American persistence.  Below, you can check out the best of those Geochron photos in our 2020 Photo Installation Contest.  Voting will close on December 15th, and the winner of each category will get an Atlas!

For those of you waiting for a Holiday Sale, here you go!  Get the Geochron Atlas for $399 through December 17th.  Use the code HOL2020 at checkout.

Lastly, Geochron has just inked a surveillance deal with Santa Claus, and we hope to be tracking his movements on the Geochron Atlas on Christmas Eve, crushing NORAD's monopoly on his movements for 64 years. More details to come!

Stay safe,


I read all the replies, and reply to the nice ones!

Contest Photos for 2020

In every newsletter, I include entries for our end of the year photo contest, and we post two a week on our Facebook page.  Enter yours to win a free Geochron Atlas.  Categories are:
  • 4K General
  • 4K Ham Radio
  • Mechanical Geochron
All you have to do take a picture of the Geochron in its room, and email it to us!  Around Thanksgiving we’ll send a survey with the best pictures for you to vote on.  Past winners have been absolutely gorgeous!

The Aviation Layer

is a sampling of up to 500 flights in process around the world by continental ownership (North America, Africa, etc…)  If you auto-rotate between the categories, you’ll see that Asian airlines are all over the world, while North America mostly stays home because of international travel restrictions. 

Geochron is steadily adding to our Live Layers.  Top three by popularity: Weather Precipitation, Satellites, and COVID.  Now, Commercial Aviation (version!

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