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Institute for Zen Therapy affiliates with ITZI

ITZI (Instituto Terapiua Zen Internacional) is the umbrella organisation advancing the thinking and application of ideas developed by David Brazier in his book Zen Therapy. Less an institute with one central location ITZI provides a platform by which local organisations can develop and teach this unique approach to Buddhist psychology and therapy. ITZI now has affiliated organisations in Belgium, Japan, Korea, Spain, France and Canada. It makes sense then for the IZT to also join as the UK operation, currently most advanced in terms of providing courses and therapy from its centre in London.
Fiona Robyn, course facilitator, team supervisor and experienced psychotherapist will be the key link person for IZT. Fiona is a published writer and has written for Therapy Today. She will be a valuable voice in the international ITZI discussion forums.

Bob Chisholm joins IZT

Bob is a training therapist following an diploma programme with Tariki Trust. He will be moving to the Amida Trust centre in London, Sukhavati in the next month and will take over the role of centre manager. Bob is a very well regarded teacher of yoga, a long term mediator and academic with a wide range of interests. We are pleased to have Bob join us, his energy and enthusiasm will bring much to the centre and help support its future growth.

Therapists Forum
One initiative that Bob would like to introduce is a  therapists forum, providing an opportunity  for counsellors, psychotherapists and other 'skilled' helpers to regularly gather and share ideas about practice from the perspective of a Buddhist approach. Do contact Bob directly if you are interested in coming along to these meetings which will take place in the London centre
Read the text of David Brazier’s proposed talk for the National Conference of Clinical Psychologists in Nagoya in September 2012: The Development of Zen Therapy
“Zen was popularised in the USA by many writers, of whom D.T.Suzuki and Alan Watts were prominent, neither of whom were members of any ecclesiastic establishment. Their books full of startling paradoxes and charming anecdotes struck a chord for a large number of young people in the post-war years…”

Upcoming seminars

Places still available for the following days:
Saturday November 17th: DAY SEMINAR: An Introduction to Zen Therapy Fiona Robyn and Jeff Harrison
This day seminar will explore the Zen Therapy approach. The day is an introduction  and will be of particular interest to qualified therapists and students new to the area of applied Buddhist Psychology looking for an overview of how the theory is applied in practice. The approach will explore key teachings from Davids book, some experiential exercises and group discussion. There will also be space to explore the relationship between the ZT method and other approaches to counselling and therapy. 
Sunday November 18th: DAY SEMINAR Great Doubt in Zen and Psychology Manu Bazzano & Fiona Robyn

A day seminar exploring in more depth the relationship between Zen and therapy

What is unique to the Zen tradition is the practice of doubt, the cultivation of perplexity in the face of the unfathomable nature of everyday reality. A question such as ‘What is it?’ goes to the heart of the matter, addressing the totality of our experience and enables us to respond with greater spontaneity, wisdom and compassion to life’s challenges. In the practice of therapy this is translated as ‘not-knowing’ and encourages description rather than analysis, openness and vulnerability rather than self-centredness. Not mere Socratic not-knowing but a profound emptying out of knowledge. Knowledge and expertise are fetishes: by bringing together zen and psychology we create the basis for an anti-epistemology, an active refusal to create new systems. The client’s life becomes a mystery to be lived rather than a problem to be solved. 

One day £50 both day £75. Email or phone +44(0) 207 2632183 to book. Both courses start at 10.00 a.m. and finish at 5.00 p.m. Lunch included. Accommodation available.

Press release:
There has been a small Buddhist community in Sussex Way for over a decade. It is now also opening its doors as an affordable counselling, therapy and life-coaching centre – the Institute for Zen Therapy. It is there for anyone experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties. While the counsellors based there are all interested in how ideas drawn from Buddhism can enhance their work, not all of them are Buddhists – and clients certainly don’t have to be. “Buddhism offers profound insights into human suffering, many of which are now being embraced by mainstream psychology – some 2,500 years later,” one of the therapists remarks. “You only have to look at how popular mindfulness is right now. Our therapy is about being fully present to oneself, one’s issues and to others.”
While the options for many local people have been to wait months for counselling on the NHS or pay high fees to go private, the Institute for Zen Therapy offers a sliding scale of fees and, consistent with Buddhist values and its own status as a charity, seeks to offer affordable help to all those who need it. 

Contact 0207 2632183 to find out more about the service or talk in confidence about arranging an appointment

" know when I have reached my limit of endurance or of tolerance, and to accept that as a fact; to know when I desire to mold or manipulate people, and to accept that as a fact in myself. I would like to be as acceptant of these feelings as of feelings of warmth, interest, permissiveness, kindness, understanding, which are also a very real part of me. It is when I do accept all these attitudes as a fact, as a part of me, that my relationship with the other person then becomes what it is, and is able to grow and change most readily" (Rogers, C.  A Way of Being 1980)

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