Hive Inspection, January 11th, 7 pm, Surry Extension Center, Dobson
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"Fundamentals of Hive Inspection"

January 11, 2016 - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Surry County Cooperative Extension Office, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm [ map ]

Join the Surry Beekeepers to watch a short video on the basics of hive inspection and join in on the discussion afterward where experienced beekeepers will share tips and recommendations for caring for bees in our area.

Bee School Update

Surry County Beekeepers may be teaching bee school at Surry Community College this spring.  We're still working out the details, so please stay tuned for more information.  We will send out a special email with details once we lock everything down.

Hungry Bee Alert!

You may have noticed that your bees were out flying and bringing in a lot of pollen throughout December.  The pollen will be good for the new bees that will be grown starting at the end of January, but what about the adult bees that should have been clustered for the past month or so?  They've been eating the honey you left to get them through the winter and they may be getting low on food.  You should check the weight of your hives to make sure they still have food to get them through January and maybe February.  If they are light, you will need to add food to get them through.  Sugar syrup is probably not going to work at this time, but you can give them extra honey you have (invert the jar with a tiny hole so you have a little drip they can eat from), make fondant or bee candy to add to the inner cover, or even use granulated sugar poured into the inner cover.  Any feeding will need to be within the hive and you need to work fast -- so adding food above the inner cover may work best.  Following is a recipe for bee fondant (not cake icing).  There are a lot of recipes on the web and videos showing how to make it as well.  Come to the meeting on Monday and find out how long time beekeepers emergency feed their bees.

Bee Fondant
  • You will need a candy thermometer to make the fondant.
  • Combine 1/2 cup water and 1/4 tsp. cider vinegar for each 1 pound of cane sugar in a large, heavy bottomed pot.  (Note:  make sure there is a lot of extra room in the pot so you don't end up with a mess once the syrup begins to boil.)  Bring to a boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar and keep it from sticking. 
  • Continue to boil at a slow rolling boil until the liquid reaches the soft ball temperature on the candy thermometer (232-248 degrees F).  Continue to boil at the soft ball stage for 15 minutes.  You will need to watch the temperature because as the water continues to boil off, the temperature will continue to rise.  After 15 minutes, take off heat and let cool to 185-190 degrees F.
  • At this time you can add some goodies for the bees like pollen substitute and Honey-B-Healthy.  Don't overdo it or the bees will not eat it.  Beat the liquid with a stiff wire whip or strong wooden spoon.  You want to get air into the mixture and get it to start to crystalize.  It will start to get milky/cloudy.
  • Quickly pour into pans and let set up.  Very shallow aluminum pie or cake pans work really well.  Keep it thin so it'll fit in the top cover.

January Webinar with Dr. David Tarpy, NCSU

The topic for the session is "Potential threats to beekeeping in the US."  Guilford County Beekeepers are hosting and you can listen in online.   Details on logging in can be found at:

Tim Holt Bees - Save the Date

If you bought bees from Tim Holt last year, you know what an adventure that was!  Tim will be selling nucs again this spring and has offered to allow the Surry Beekeepers to come to one of the bee yards and build their own nucs again.  The exact date will depend on the weather, but the current target date is either Saturday, March 26th or Saturday, April 2nd.  We'll send updates as we get closer to the time.  5 frame nucs will be $115 - cash only, exact change appreciated.

Renew Your Membership

It's time to pay your membership dues for 2016.  Bring $20 cash or a check made out to SCBA to the our next meeting.

2016 Officers

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