Single embryo transfers, fertility stories matter & more.  

One Is the Healthiest Number

The number of women choosing elective single embryo transfer (eSET) during IVF is on the rise. Our clinic’s eSET rate is double the national average. Dr. Sara Reid explains why. 
Making IVF pregnancies safer

Your Story Matters 

The struggle with infertility is difficult, but stories can provide encouragement. If we helped you conceive, will you share your story of fertility success? 
Encourage others

What About Zika?  

The CDC releases new information about the virus all the time. We’re on top of it, because we know pregnant and pre-pregnant women are concerned.  
The latest buzz
Since 1983, RSC doctors – some of the nation's most distinguished infertility pioneers – have cared for thousands of families of all cultural, ethnic, and sexual orientations, married couples and single-by-choice parents. RSC was responsible for the birth of the nation's second baby born from a frozen embryo. Known for its high success rates, RSC's egg donor program draws patients from all over the world. 
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