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Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area October 2012 Newsletter

29 Years of IVF Success

Since 1983, RSC doctors - some of the nation's most distinguished infertility pioneers - have cared for thousands of families of all cultural, ethnic, and sexual orientations, married couples and single-by-choice parents. RSC was responsible for the birth of the nation's second baby born from a frozen embryo. Known for its high success rates, RSC's egg donor program draws patients from all over the world.

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Fertility & Family After Cancer

The Job family and their dogChristophe and Kerry Job were determined not to let cancer end their dream of having a family.

Banking On Your Eggs for the Future

For some women, choosing to freeze eggs now could be a wise investment for their future family.

RSC Physician Named "Super Doctor"

Dr. Mary HinckleyDr. Mary D. Hinckley was selected in the top five percent of fertility doctors in the region. 

Because the More You Know...

...the easier it will be to make decisions that are right for you. RSC's YouTube channel features videos and podcasts by RSC doctors discussing infertility causes and treatment.
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