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Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area | Experience Never Mattered More | January 2013

Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area

Since 1983, RSC doctors - some of the nation's most distinguished infertility pioneers - have cared for thousands of families of all cultural, ethnic, and sexual orientations, married couples and single-by-choice parents. RSC was responsible for the birth of the nation's second baby born from a frozen embryo. Known for its high success rates, RSC's egg donor program draws patients from all over the world.



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30 Years of Unparalleled Success

Celebrating 30 Years
In 2013, RSC celebrates 30 years of success in IVF and fertility.

Some of RSC's historic milestones:

Dr. Galen and Dr. Jacobson start their IVF practice, Bay Area Fertility & Gynecology Medical Group

Our first IVF baby (Elizabeth Castro Wilson) and the first IVF baby in the Bay Area from a private IVF clinic is born

The practice makes headlines with the birth of Travis McCullar, the second successful frozen embryo transfer birth in the nation

Dr. Kristen IvaniDr. Ivani joins the practice
(24 years)

The practice moves from John Muir Hospital to San Ramon Regional

Dr. Louis WecksteinDr. Weckstein joins the practice
(23 years)

Attain Fertility NetworkThe practice joins Integramed as an Attain Fertility Center

Dr. Susan WillmanDr. Willman joins the practice;
we open a new office in Orinda
(14 years)

Reproductive Science Center: Experience Never Mattered MoreWe change our name to Reproductive Science Center of the SF Bay Area

Dr. Mary HinckleyDr. Hinckley joins the practice
(9 years)

Dr. Carmelo SgarlataDr. Sgarlata merges his clinic with RSC;
we open a new office in San Jose
(8 years)

Dr. Deborah WachsDr. Wachs joins the practice
(4 years)

RSC success rates rise from 20 percent (1983) to over 50 percent (2013)

Dr. Evan RosenbluthDr. Rosenbluth joins the practice
(1 year)

RSC celebrates more than 5,000 births through IVF and other fertility treatments

Today, the RSC doctors are recognized pioneers in the field of fertility and we maintain some of the highest success rates in Northern California and the nation. After 30 years, RSC continues to be a driving force in helping people conquer infertility to have families.

Celebrate with us!

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, RSC will be hosting monthly activities that our patients and staff can participate in together. More to come!
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