Could you spare 10 minutes to breathe with us <<First Name>>?

We’ve been busy at Fit School HQ creating a new short collection of videos on exercise and ageing (is it ever too late? If you want to get in shape do you need to focus on lifting weights or losing weight?) and getting a new 10 minute Pilates collection ready for you.

The 10 minute PIlates series is created for everyone who wants to try Pilates but can’t commit an hour a week or find a local class that works. I’ve broken down Pilates into 5 essential component parts, that I’d usually weave through my longer classes: Breath; Resist (Core); Awareness; Spinal Movement; and Standing Strength. And yes, the acrostic is BRAS(S) or BRASS - the latter is entirely appropriate for me.

I’m sharing the first 10 minute session: Breath, below. The full series will be available to buy as a beginner package from Sunday but also available to all members.

10 Minute Pilates (5 Day Intensive) 1: Breath

Talking of time outs, if you’ve also had a busy week (last week of school term) I hope you’ll take a little time out to breathe and rest. I’ve got some opportunities to escape without other members of your household/family later this year through the return of the Pilates Spa Retreat and a weekend retreat in October.

Fit School is 10

In other news: April marks the official 10 year anniversary of Fit School. To those of you who have been with us since then, thank you for sticking with us on our journey. We’ll definitely be celebrating our 10 year anniversary and would love for you to be a part of it.

The end of Post Natal Pilates

In less happy news, it’s the end of an era for post natal Pilates. Sadly, continuing to run the classes (these are the ones where babies can join in) is no longer viable due to a very large rental hike (300%) from County Council. Finding rooms to hire in Epping has always been challenging and I’ve had a few battles in the 12 years I’ve run the classes to keep it going. I’ve always enjoyed that it’s a community focused class. I hope to be able to continue the service in some way but my next course, 19th April - 24th May will be the last.

Our online workshop to get your workouts planned is coming up this weekend. Get your note books out.

Enjoy your weekend

Karen & Chris



Chris has recently added to his Athletics Coach training and is now officially a speed coach. This is mainly for sprints and short distances although he has a great deal of of experience in creating programmes for adults undertaking endurance events too. At the moment this coaching will be on a one to one basis only.

Karen and Chris x

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