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Latest Media & Policy News: 31 Oct 2014


Top Stories

Harper government buries Private Members Bill C-585 in omnibus Budget bill:
CP story covered by all major outlets:
Budget bill's cuts to refugee assistance tops NDP list of complaints:
Refugee advocates blast proposed changes to welfare in budget bill:
Amnesty International statement on how denying social assistance to refugee claimants violates international law:
Interview on The  Current with a former refugee claimant, CCR head Loly Rico, and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation:
Letter to the Editor from Dr. Philip Berger:
Globe and Mail editorial:
Here are the relevant sections of Budget Bill C-43:
Here’s ISAC’s analysis of its implications:  

Top Ontario News

Ontario hikes income threshold to qualify for legal aid services: Great infographic on the gap in Ontario between social assistance and food and shelter:

Reports and Other Interesting Stuff

New report shows homeless could be drastically reduced with only $46 per Canadian per year: New report shows minimum wage hikes don’t kill jobs: Recommended report: “Putting the fight against poverty and social exclusion at the heart of the EU agenda: A contribution to the Mid-Term Review of the Europe 2020 Strategy”:

CPJ: Making sense of poverty measures:

United Way of Toronto job posting for Manager, Research, Public Policy, and Evaluation:

Around the Province

St. Catherines has the expertise – politicians better listen and act on poverty:
Bedbugs should not be a reason for vulnerable people to be denied services in Hamilton:
Open letter to Toronto’s new Mayor John Tory: Listen to the voices of the poor and marginalized:

Across the Country

Saskatchewan pledges to create that province’s first Poverty Reduction Strategy:
Good steps on Poverty Reduction in Manitoba after two years, but more needs to be done:
BC First Nation implementing $17.22 / hour Living Wage policy
Dr. Gary Bloch tells Vancouver that the economic costs of poverty can’t be ignored:
Public sector unions and the CD Howe Institute pan Pooled Registered Pension Plans coming to Nova Scotia: Finding affordable housing in Moncton is a problem:


UNICEF report says Canada and provinces made progress on child poverty during the recession:
Why Canada needs a national pharmacare program:
Coverage – mostly negative – of the federal government’s income splitting plan: Is the NDP’s $15 / day childcare plan Canada’s hottest new political pledge?

The end of federal agreements threatens affordable housing solution:
Canadians spend more income on housing than almost anyone in the world:
Eating healthy? Not if you’re below the poverty line:



How homelessness consultants helped ban food sharing in 22 American cities:
US has highest poverty among all OECD countries:
UNICEF says it also has the highest child poverty:
Proposal in Zurich to ban welfare recipients from using cars gains support, as campaign to reduce benefits announced:
A decade is lost as children in Ireland bear the brunt of the recession:
Pope says structural causes of poverty must be dismantled:

Jennefer Laidley
Research & Policy Analyst
Income Security Advocacy Centre

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