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AIDS 2012On 24 July the Symposia Session - 'The Global Commission on HIV and the Law: A Movement for HIV Law Reform' was held successfully. The session highlighted the research and policy dialogue undertaken by the Global Commission on HIV and the Law on issues of criminalization, discrimination and violence as experienced by women and HIV-related treatment access. The work of the Commission has shown how evidence and rights-based legal responses can transform the next generation of the AIDS response as well as how punitive laws and practices have hindered effective responses to HIV. The session also addressed the political dimensions of the Commission's recommendations as an essential ingredient for successfully using the law to scale-up effective HIV responses.

Video and presentations given at the Symposia Session are now available!

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A Legal Remedy?  (The Huffington Post - The Blog)

By Shereen El Feki, Vice-Chair, Global Commission on HIV and the Law
How good laws help, and bad laws hamper, the global response to HIV. 
I was sitting in a hotel in Pretoria, South Africa, and the young woman beside me was weeping. With good reason: Nontobeko Dlamini, from Swaziland, had been sterilized, without her consent, because she is infected with HIV. "My doctor was angry. I had broken his trust when I said I was pregnant," she said. "Women with HIV are not any point expected to fall pregnant," she continued. "So I was sterilized. I was the bad woman. I was HIV-positive." Read more...

Bad Laws Hamper Global AIDS Fight  (Fernando Cardoso & Helen Clark Op-ed)

Laws should make things better. Sadly, as we stand at the precipice of finally ending AIDS, an epidemic of archaic and insensitive laws is stifling our efforts and making things far worse. The Global Commission on HIV and the Law came together to address this hidden crisis. The Commission's report, "HIV and the Law: Risks, Rights and Health," leaves no doubt: it is time to unshackle the AIDS response. Read more...

Sex workers gather in Kolkata for alternative AIDS summit  (The Guardian)

In response to US visa restrictions that prevent them travelling to the international aids conference in Washington, sex workers have organised a week-long summit and protest in India.
Sex workers from more than 40 countries are gathering in Kolkata, India, this weekend for an alternative international Aids summit and week-long protest against the US visa restrictions they say have blocked them from attending the main event in Washington. Read more...

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