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It's now spooky season which means Q3 just came to an end! Whether your part of the world is getting colder or hotter with the change of season, we suggest you find a comfy place to sit down and take a look at all the exciting things that happened at Protocol Labs Research in Q3, as well as some of what we have on the horizon! 

You'll find updates on all of our research labs, info on our new grant offerings, highlighted job openings, blog posts, tutorials, research talks, and more. Thanks for taking the time to peruse!

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Protocol Labs Research Website
We're on Twitter!!! @ProtoResearch
We want to invite you to follow along with us @ProtoResearch. This is a new account designed for us to keep you more informed on a day-to-day basis about all of the great research we are doing here at Protocol Labs. If you give us a follow you'll be able to stay up-to-date on grant and RFP opportunities, see in-depth explanations and discussions about some of our more important research projects, reminders for our research seminar series, and even information on research that is being conducted outside of Protocol Labs that we find interesting and inspiring.

If you're looking for a new, educational, and exciting Twitter account to follow come check us out @ProtoResearch
Research Funding!
We have recently accepted 20 research proposals for funding! These awards span: Because of the number of new funded collaborations, and because many of the legal and financial logistics are still works in progress, we will send out a separate announcement email with more details soon. Stay tuned!

If you want to learn about our funding opportunities, check out To see a list of active and past RFPs, head over to our research grants GitHub repo.
Updates from our Research Labs!
Protocol Labs has spent much of 2021 growing research labs to pursue breakthroughs at the intersections of research and development. Below are some highlights from Q3 and the very beginning of Q4. If you find this work exciting and want to work toward a better future through advances in computing, check out our job listings at the bottom of this email!
If you want to hear more about what any of the below labs or projects is doing, please visit, email us at, or follow us on Twitter (@ProtoResearch).

Filecoin Green

Protocol Labs researcher Alan Ransil, whom you may remember from his January talk on the Intercranial Abstraction System, has been dedicating his efforts full time to the Filecoin Green Project, which was recently featured as part of our weeklong celebration marking the 1-year anniversary of Filecoin's mainnet launch, Filecoin Orbit. Watch all Filecoin Green talks or jump forward to see Alan's presentation.


At the end of June, Marko Vukolic joined Protocol Labs from IBM Research Zurich to build the future of consensus research at Protocol Labs and beyond. Since then, ConsensusLab has devoted much of its efforts to aggressive hiring efforts and planning a wildly successful ConsensusDays event, which is described in more detail below (videos coming to YouTube soon!). 


We have a lot of exciting updates from CryptoComputeLab coming for you in Q4, including some exciting developments in the field of VDFs, but for now, let me give you a list of positions for which we are actively hiring:



Hiring! Hiring! Hiring! If you want to help build a hub for research on economic incentives, coordination games, and novel marketplaces, make sure you head over to our jobs page to see all our CEL positions: Data Scientist, Protocol Engineer, Research Scientist, and Technical Program Manager.

Also, check out this August talk from our CEL lead, ZX Zhang, on some of the implications of Filecoin's recent HyperDrive upgrade. 


ResNetLab is continuing its journey to raise awareness of the significant momentum of Web 3.0 to new audiences. Among other venues, RNL has presented the internals of IPFS, libp2p, and Filecoin at: IEEE LANMAN, Manage-IoT (part of IEEE IM 2021), BRAINS, IdentiHack, and Codemotion.

ResNetLab has a vibrant research community of academic and industry researchers, working on several different topics. One of the major topics of interest right now is measuring the IPFS network. We will be releasing some major updates in the coming months, which you’ll see in the Q4 update, but in the meantime, if you have interest or working in similar topics, please get in touch!
ConsensusDays 2021
What an amazing event! On October 6th & 7th ConsensusLab, one of Protocol Labs' research labs focusing on cutting-edge scalable permissionless consensus protocols, hosted ConsensusDays. This event was designed to introduce ConsensusLab to potential future partners and to establish a workshop-style venue to bootstrap scientific exchange across a wider community of shared interests. We had 26 great presentations and 250+ attendees!

Click here to see the program and keep an eye out for the talk recordings which will be uploaded to our YouTube channel
Filecoin Retrieval Markets
Q3 saw us expand our research interests even more into Retrieval Markets! This research looks into the workstreams of file retrieval. What does this mean and what will we be looking into you ask? Research housed in Retrieval Markets will look at the following: 
  • Crypto-economics of retrieval markets
  • Multi-participant off-chain state channels
  • Decentralized reputation systems
  • Indexing the content-addressed internet
  • Content-addressed browser retrieval
If you're interested in taking a look at what some of our Retrieval Market collaborators are doing, make sure to look at our YouTube channel specifically dedicated to Retrieval Market demo days!
Get Involved!
There are a number of ways to participate in what Protocol Labs Research is doing. Here are just a few:
ResNetLab on Tour tutorials go on-demand
Check out the most comprehensive tutorial series on our Web3.0 stack in existence! ResNetLab continues to build its series of 20-30 minute video tutorials explaining concepts and protocol details about all things Web3.0. We have included a module on InterPlanetary Linked Data (IPLD) with more on the way. Head to the website, watch the tutorials, leave your feedback and get involved in our research community!
Head over to the project's page, where you will also find all the presentation materials, which you are free to download and re-use for your own event or lecture. Get involved and follow the discussions at ResNetLab's GitHub discussion forum. For more background on the roots of this project, check out our recent blog post.

Research Talks
As most of you know, we have regular (average one per week) talks from a variety of researchers on topics of interest to Protocol Labs and the larger community. If you are not getting monthly emails announcing upcoming talks and would like to, please email or update your preferences to include talks. Check out upcoming talks here. Talks are also posted to YouTube.
Some highlighted Q3 research talks:

Funding Opportunities
Protocol Labs has multiple opportunities for those wanting to collaborate on research of interest. Head over to to learn more about opportunities for faculty sabbatical funding, PhD and Postdoc fellowships, and more. 

Come work for us!
As a continually growing startup company, we are always on the lookout for great talent, both technical and non-technical. Specific to research, we are actively looking for research program managers, research administrators, research engineers, technical program managers, protocol engineers, and research scientists... and that's JUST within the research sector at PL! 

Check the full list of Protocol Labs' open jobs here.

DON'T SEE YOUR ROLE HERE? Tell us what you could bring to Protocol Labs research via our open job application
Q3 Publications and Blog Posts


Blog Posts (visit for more):

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