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Drop in your business card at the office, for an opportunity to win this fantastic book that will help you get the most out of your MFR session.

3 Second Prizes

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HEALTH TIP: Drinking water is actually "amazing" for retaining body heat. Simply put, the more you have in your system, the easier it is to keep warm. Stay hydrated — especially before you dash out into the cold every morning.

Need Deep Mobilization?

This is a form of MFR similar to structural integration, in that the therapist will slowly and deeply move through the restricted muscles, scar tissue and adhesions to free up layers of fascia near the surface of the muscles.

Book here to schedule your appointment and experience this amazing form of MFR!

Frances and Tom teach this modality, but Michelle and Lara have perfected this technique to everyone's joy!

Congratulations MICHELLE!!!

Starting 2/1/16, Michelle will be promoted to Senior Staff Therapist at the MFR Center.

Michelle has worked very hard over the last year perfecting her MFR skills: taking classes, participating in retreats, teaching and tutoring MFR students, as well as maintaining very satisfied clients!

We are very proud of her! Please note that on 2/1/16, Michelle's rates will be $100 per hour with a $10 discount for Facebook Check-In during your session at the MFR Center.

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