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The Importance of the Soil Microbial Population

Soils differ in many ways, but one of the more important is that they have a population of micro-organisms living in them which derives its energy by consuming organic residues left behind by the plants growing on the soil, or by animals feeding on these plants.

In the final analysis the plants growing on the soil subsist on the products of microbial activity. The micro-organisms are constantly consuming the dead plant and animal remains and in the process leaving behind, in a plant available form, the nitrogenous and mineral components needed by the plants for their growth.

On this concept a fertile soil is one which contains either an adequate supply of plant food in an available form, usually obtained from fertilisers, or a microbial population which is releasing nutrients fast enough to maintain a rapid plant growth.

An infertile soil is one in which neither of these things happen.
These soil organisms need food for two distinct purposes:

  1. to supply energy for their vital processes and
  2. to build up their body tissues

Most of them can only use energy set free when organic substances such as sugars and fatty acids are being oxidised or degraded.

The most common food requirements they have is for simple sugars such as glucose . The next most important food source is fatty acids and nitrogen.
It is for these reasons then that applying small quantities of animal or marine protein   can be very effective in restarting a run down microbial population by supplying  them with a instant source of simple sugars, amino acids, soluble protein and minerals. All of these attributes can be found in EarthZing .
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As the number of microbes multiplies they are efficiently more able to keep  up with the supply of dead plant and animal residues . They also break down organic matter into a form easily digested by larger soil animals  such as earthworms  and so their numbers increase due to their food supplies being improved by the microbes.
The net effect is more efficient utilisation of fertilisers, better soil structure, and better soil drainage.

Lime, soil physics, drainage and soil pH are vital to all the above.

Composting Day at Agropolis Urban Farm a Success

Mr Bokashi presented a composting workshop at Agropolis Urban Farm in Christchurch on Sat 3 May at the project site on a ‘cleared site in the central city.

An enthusiastic group of people arrived on site and took part in a very useful discussion on bokashi composting and how this system would fit around the idea and concept of processing and making good use of kitchen waste. The waste, which is sourced from a number of local and nearby cafes will be collected by an innovative method- a specially built trailer pulled by a bicycle. The trailer is capable of carrying 80kgs.

The session ended with a compost turning exercise where a new pile was constructed using the microbial product EarthZing to assist activate and enhance the composting process.

Photo shows participants building a new compost pile.

Completed compost is used in raised beds and as the project grows it is intended for produce grown on site to be sold back to participating cafes.

Funding has been applied for to employ a co-ordinator for the project.

The current site is only on a short- term rolling lease and the concept at Agropolis is to construct a model which is both transferable and scaleable and therefore could be used anywhere.  

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