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Septic Tanks

Current regulation requires new and upgraded septic tank and wastewater systems to be of a type, which allow outflows to be treated to a specified standard.

In most cases the treated water is disposed of via a field drainage system. Such systems without regular maintenance can have reduced function to a point where they become ‘stuck’ and fail to function according to specification. Usually this problem becomes noticeable by the presence of bad odours emitting from the system.

There can be a number of reasons for this and anecdotal evidence points towards the usage of various detergents and other domestic cleaning products having an effect of reducing system function.

Issues can also arise when a normal well functioning system becomes overloaded for a short period due to a change in flow. Often, this occurs when a household has an influx of visitors over a weekend or holiday period. In cases like this the system is unable to cope with additional inflows and the result is malodour occurring for a short period or until such time when the system has rebalanced and returned to normal operation.

Septic TankOften poor functioning systems can be unnoticed and becomes apparent only when the total systems fails and remedial action is required, often at great expense.

By having a basic knowledge of your wastewater system you can easily reduce the likelihood of system failure and improve system function. This can be done simply by managing the treatment process by adding a microbial product, which can ensure the system remains healthy on a continuing basis. This can be simple as adding the juice extract from a ZingBokashi Composting System on a regular basis, or adding Restart [a Zing Bokashi proprietary product.]  Read MORE…..

Not only will this result in a reduction of malodours it will also enhance the breakdown of organic waste and build up of sludge and algae in outlet pipes with resultant lower maintenance costs.

Not all systems are created equal and information regarding tank size and daily / weekly throughput will all help to achieve the best outcome

A regular Gisborne user interested in seeing what his septic system looked like inside after adding his juice every month for the past 4 years, reported that the inside was in perfect condition. Previously he had experienced having problems with sludge build up and slow breakdown of organic matter. “I was so impressed with the condition of my tank, I took a sample to show the local Council.”

Treatment using Restart consists of adding Restart S as an initial dosage and then maintenance of monthly applications using Restart L.

Maintaining your ZingBokashi system over the summer months.

With the onset of warmer weather, please be reminded to check for and remove any ‘juice’ extract from the base of your systems. Leaving juice in base bucket for extended periods in warm conditions will result in rapid deterioration of quality and adverse odours may result plus you having to waste this valuable resource.

Down in the Garden

Some excellent results have been achieved by users of EarthZing , the soil microbial inoculant.

A user who received some as a Xmas gift from his daughter last Xmas has asked for more . The daughter commented "My Dad who is a keen gardener is very fussy about what he adds to his garden so I was very surprised when he said to me ‘ Can you get some more EarthZing as it has done wonders to the garden'." 

Linda from Waimate commented that her partner had asked what she had added to garden to make the broad beans the best we have ever had. She said the only thing different she had done was adding some EarthZing with some comfrey leaves prior to planting.
Plastic Bags Suffocating the World

Plastic Bags: Suffocating the World

A very interesting story about a growing problem in the world  read more ... 


Treatment using Restart consists of adding Restart S as an initial dosage and then maintenance of monthly applications using Restart L.  read more ...

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