Hi <<First Name>> - This letter we have more productive hens, research updates and ZingBokash in septic tanks with 'Mr Bokashi'.
Backyard Chickens Inspiration For New Product
Many city residents have taken to having a few chooks in the backyard and it was at a recent trade show that enquiries were made about the availability of a probiotic feed supplement for hens.
ZingBokashi has released a new product Poultry Zing in response to these inquiries

Happy more productive hens eating PoultyZingClick here for product details ……

Feedback has been excellent see Testimonial

The product is available in Auckland at Huckleberry Farms , Royal Oak  or online 

Research Update

A recent report commissioned by a Council on the use of Bokashi for treatment of food waste has reported there is a need for some further research in a number of areas.
As a follow up to this report, a student at Lincoln University has spent much of this year completing some research as a thesis for an Hons degree.

This work has used ZingBokashi  Systems and CompostZing

One of these, concerning the ability of the fermentation process to neutralise plant diseases has yielded some successful results in weed seed and plant disease suppression.
The work is due for completion in November and results will be available for publication early next year.

Furthermore a student at Canterbury University is going to complete  a project over the summer on the Food Waste Trial at R&R house , one of the University  Halls Of Residence . This trial has been running since 2010,however this was interrupted by the Canterbury Earthquake . This study is going to report on the trial process and then review how it can be expanded into other areas . 

140 mobile ZingBokashi bins sited R & R House – Canterbury University.
140 mobile ZingBokashi bins sited R & R House – Canterbury University.

Septic Tanks

Compost Zing is useful as a addition to a number of septic waste systems. In particular CompostZing is useful for adding to old style septic tanks, long drops and composting toilets . Treatment can also be undertaken with new chamber type tanks and as these vary in type and size, advice is required on the best treatment approach.

Call -Neville on 027 2454232  for advice on treatment solutions  if you have issues with a poor functioning system and have odour problems.

A further report will appear in the Dec issue of Ezing News.


Poultry Zing

"All in all I would say the Zing improved feed digestion levels incredibly thus improving hen health and productivity which means they made more eggs while needing to eat less feed!". Anna, Far North
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Earth Zing

Earth Zing –
soil enhancer

Add extra Zing to your Bokashi fermented food waste.  Earth Zing is formulated to complement your fermented waste, providing additional nutrients to improve the fertility of your soil – for even better plant growth.  
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