GoGreen Chch Expo, New Garden Season Specials & Pet Composting with EnsoPet
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Go Green Expo Christchurch

The Go Green Expo is coming to Christchurch and will be held at the Wigram Air Force museum on Sat/Sun 15th and 16th August.

ZingBokashi will be an exhibitor at this event which will be the
first of its kind in the South Island. 

Thinking about the new garden season

Now is an ideal time to apply compost and lime to your garden. When adding compost  to the soil a very effective way to assist its breakdown is to add a dressing of EARTH ZING in conjunction with the compost or it can simply  be spread over the soil surface on its own.

2 x 2.5kg bags of EarthZingBuy 2 x 2.5 kg bags of EarthZing

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Being Environmentally responsible 

EnsoPet Pet Waste CompostingEnsopet  pet waste composter has been well received in the market and the product met with lots of excellent comments when it was introduced to the market in Auckland earlier this year.

Put your pet poo to work and recycle  to create rich soil conditioner.

Buy the new Ensopet  pet waste composter kit now and receive 25% off  the listed price

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Feedback & Answers

I have been composting for the past 2 years now, and in the past 3 months  my neighbour’s dog  digs the compost out of my garden. what a mess,  he has never bothered before, but now digs furiously, I have tried curry powder, chlorine granules, and stones over it.
He just furrows down the side and in. What can I do-? I am desperate as I don’t want to stop doing it.

The best suggestion we can provide is to place a heavy cover over the area where the waste is buried. Generally this may need to be for a period of around 7 days.

One point to consider and this may or may not apply is: 'ensure that the food waste is well fermented before burial '. This will ensure the rapid decomposition of waste and thus reduce animal interference  though birds can be attracted  by the presence of worms.

Another factor is ensure that the waste is covered over by about 75-100mm of soil.
An excellent solution is to consider the use of a Composta (pictured).

With this method you simply layer the food waste into a Composta with 2 x DRY browns [ dry soil/ compost /leaves/sawdust - can be a combination  of all these]

Keep  covered and whilst this method takes a little longer you can have good quality compost material available every 3 -6 months depending on time and volumes added.

The good thing about this method it is dog proof.

At the end of the maturation period you can remove the material and spread over or dig into the soil as required.

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