EarthZing Autumn Specials, and after harvest preparation for the next season in your garden with 'Mr Bokashi'.

Post Harvest Action

Our gardens have been producing some great produce over the past months and now as the season begins to draw to a close you need to be thinking about the post harvest clean up. This is an ideal time to start preparation for next season’s plantings and an ideal start is to treat post harvest debris as material for maintaining soil organic matter levels.
Earth Zing being sprinkled over crop debris

Earth Zing being sprinkled over crop debris
You can do this by using Earth Zing ,which when applied to crop debris will assist in its breakdown in the soil plus add lots of beneficial bacteria to the soil together with some trace elements A bag of Earth Zing is sufficient to cover 60m2 of soil area ... read more 
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It's Show Time

ZingBokashi will be on show at a number of shows over the next few months. The first of these is the Queenstown Home Show in late February, followed by the Upper Clutha A&P Show in Wanaka on March 9/10.
On May 12/13 is the Green Living Show at the Alexandra Park Raceway in Epsom in Auckland. This is the showcase event for many Eco and Sustainable products and again is expected to draw a large crowd of interested people.
In North Canterbury a number of A& P shows are held in March and this year North Canterbury Community Recycling are going to set up recycling stations at each show and will include for the first time, a dedicated food waste collection. This food waste will be treated with Compost Zing and will be diverted to local farmland. Each recycling station is manned and serves to educate people more about what recycling choices are available. The first show is on March 3rd at Culverden.


Mould growing in your bucket - some helpful hints

Any mould growing in your bucket should be white in colour and this is an indicator that the process is good. Any green or black coloured mould is not so good and this in a indicator that something has gone wrong. This can be a result of one of the following:
  1. White mouldSpoiled food added (fresh food should be added daily)
  2. Wet food waste added drained foods best
  3. Not enough CompostZing added -especially if protein foods such as dairy or meat products are added
  4. Excess air in your bucket (pushing down onto any food waste added to expel any trapped air will assist the fermentation process)
  5. ‘Juice’ left in the bucket bottom for too long a period
  6. Lid not on correctly or left off for a period
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Mr Bokashi's Blog

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