In this issue we talk donating ZingBokashi to worthy causes, add some EarthZing tips, and throw in a great eZing member discount.
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Bokashi on Quarantine Island

Quarantine IslandIn the past few months ZingBokashi has made a donation of buckets and CompostZing to the St Martin Island Community on Quarantine Island , which is situated in Otago Harbour. (See

The lodge on the island is visited by around 3000 persons each year ,mainly for educational purposes. The operators wanted to use the food waste generated by visitors to add both to the garden and compost heaps.

The following reply was received from Anne, the resident caretaker.  

"Thanks so much for the Bokashi buckets. We've filled 2 already and half of the 3rd. Hopefully we'll be able to bury the contents of the first one in a week or so and put that to use again. Our garden is a bit of a mess so when we sort it out we'll just need to rotate things so we have burying space as we go. It would be ok to layer it into the compost system when we have a new one in place too eh?"

"We've been doing it with the group who stay in the lodge but the last groups have been older students so we are trialling giving them instructions and letting them do it - instructions are also on the wall with info about how the system works and an acknowledgement of your generous donation of them. We'll get an action photo to send you sometime. Looking forward to having the compost and garden in place to reap the benefits of the bokashi produce. Thanks again for your contribution to the island. I'm excited about our long term vision and just have to be patient with the time it will take to get there! Would be great if you could make it down to visit sometime. Consider this an official invitation! Thanks."

Power to the Soil

EarthZing Twin PacksAutumn is all but upon us once again and you will be harvesting the garden's bounty , either for storage or preserving for use over the winter months.

Debris left from crops should ideally be returned back to the soil in order to maintain organic matter in the soil.

To help assist the breakdown of the debris, this can be done by sprinkling EarthZing over the material prior to turning back into the soil.

If you have added the debris into the compost heap then the same process can be carried out in the compost or simply just add to the bare soil before winter. Not only will the breakdown or the material be speeded up , EarthZing also supplies valuable soil micronutrients and adds to and helps stimulate soil biology.

Dave from Takaka who has been using EarthZing for about 10 years says;
"In my garden I add a lot of organic material and at which time I combine it with your EarthZing which breaks down the organic matter to be available for the worm population. As you know ZingBokashi EarthZing is a lactic acid fermentation which breaks down organic matter in such a way to become more nutritious for ground worms. I notice that the farmers are now adding a lactic supplement to their silage to make it more nutritious for the cows!!! Fermented foods made via the lactic fermentation such as sauerkraut are very healthy as they contain enzymes which aid digestion. Captain Cook fed his crew on sauerkraut which is high in vitamin C to prevent scurvy,so I guess what's good for us is good for the worms.???? "
Cheers Dave

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A common question!!

At times I find it difficult to dig in my Bokashi as my garden is usually full and my lawn is quite hard to dig.
  • Is it possible to dig the Bokashi into my compost pile?
  • Will this inhibit the composting process in anyway? I'm not to worried about how long it takes. 
Adding your Bokashi into the compost pile is a great addition to the pile and will enhance rather than hinder the composting process. It is a good idea to cover your compost heap as this will assist maintaining the moisture content . If the other contents of the heap are dry, adding some water will help also.


"All in all I would say the Zing improved feed digestion levels incredibly thus improving hen health and productivity which means they made more eggs while needing to eat less feed!".
Anna, Far North.
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