Adding Carbon to the Soil, Special Deals at Palmers & Customer Feedback with Zing Bokashi.
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Warm welcome extended to Palmers Garden Centres

The ZingBokashi retailer network has been extended further by the addition of Palmers. Palmers have a number of Garden Centres throughout the North Island and this includes Palmers Planet.

Palmers have a store promotion starting Monday 27th June and all stores with the exception of Whangarei and Palmerston North have been supplied with 15L Zing Bokashi systems and 1kg bags of Compost Zing.

So if you have a Palmers store near you, pop in and support your ‘local’.

Adding Carbon to the Soil (continued)

The winter months of June and July are great months for adding carbon based materials  to garden soils in readiness for spring and early summer planting. 

By targeting these months, we can take advantage of frost  to assist in the breakdown of 
soils[particularly heavier types] by adding good amounts of compost and or animal manures can assist in building soil humus plus help with better water holding capacity and nutrient retention.
In the attached picture taken a in early June  the garden has had a liberal dressing of sheep manure and wood shavings added. This was left until following rainfall a week later, an application of Earth Zing was applied and then the total area was turned in using a fork.  The area will be left until the late spring before planting out will take place.

Customer Feedback

Lynette from Upper Hutt has asked

Hi, We are loving using our Zing Bokashi system so far but I just have a couple questions. I am concerned I may not have been leaving the buckets long enough before burying them.

I know it says approx 7-14 days depending on the time of the year but it also says that you should get a pickle smell. I have no idea if that is what we can smell as not sure what that smells like? It certainly is a strong smell (when opened)!

We haven't seen any of the good white mould so wondering if we have been just a bit quick to bury it as we need the bucket again so perhaps in our haste we aren't leaving long enough -
  • Will it still work ok if we have buried it too soon?
  • Will it just take longer or will it not work properly?
  • Do many customers find they need three buckets instead of two in order to keep things going continuously?
We are only a family of four but we do seem to fill them pretty quick ie 8-9 days? Lastly, we are considering getting a Composta too as per your article (your blog is great by the way, very informative). Where do you get the Composta from? The Warehouse have something that looks similar but when I google Composta I can't find them?

Mr Bokashi replies;

I shouldn’t be too concerned about having no visible mould as this does not always appear and sometimes it might not be for a period of time.

The odour can be a little strong at times and you get an indication of the success of your fermentation by the presence of white mould on your juice [remember to remove any juice regularly - at least 1 x per week as not doing so can affect the contents above and can lead to odours if left too long.]

The food waste itself will have a light gold colour as well. Odour does vary depending on food types used as well.

If you are filling your bucket every 8-9 days you can maintain your rotation of buckets to the same time period. 7 days fermentation is generally ample time and I fill and rotate buckets at about the same time period as you do. If you can manage within this time then you should not need a 3rd bucket. Some people operate 3 and 4 buckets. Generally 2 should be ample for a 4 person household.

The Composta referred to may well have another name. I have seen these in the Warehouse and find them excellent to use when my garden space is limited.

The key to use is the amount of carbon substrate added – check out the video below (click the photo)

Green Living Show, AucklandNeville [Mr Bokashi] will be attending the Green Living Show in Auckland next weekend 2/3 July.

This will be at the ASB Showgrounds in Green Lane and ZingBokashi will be situated at site No 423 .

** Neville will also present a seminar on Sat 2 July at 2.30pm

Entitled Wastewater Management – Living off the Grid. This will cover the use of composting toilets as a water saving method plus also discuss wastewater options when living off the grid.


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