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Show Time

Over the next few weeks there are numerous shows taking place around New Zealand.
ZingBokashi will be exhibiting at a few of these and we would welcome you to come and visit us at one of these.

October 5/6 Christchurch - Womens Lifestyle Expo : Venue is CBS arena. 
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go green expo - WellingtonOctober 12/13 Wellington

Go Green Expo : Venue TSB Arena

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October 19 Sustainable City Showcase

The Cloud – Auckland Waterfront - Visit website
2pm and 3pm Demonstration on Bokashi with Glenda Andrew-Neal - hosted by Eco Store Ltd

There will also be in-store demos at Ecostore - 1 Scotland Street during the morning 11.15am & 12.15pm

Soil Too Wet? Too Cold?

Many users often inquire about the best solution to overcome soil that is either too wet, too cold or it maybe a case of lack of garden space in which to process their fermented food waste.

Over past years a number of trials have been undertaken and it was found that the best results were achieved with a Composta. When using this system the best outcome is achieved by adding a minimum of equal part of DRY carbon material and layering this with the fermented food. The decomposition process is further enhanced by mixing the dry carbon material with the fermented food waste.


Carbon material is dry leaves, sawdust, dry lawn clippings, soil or other compost [My personal preference is either sawdust or bark based fine compost]. Then cover this over with additional carbon material and keep the lid of the Composta closed. This mix should be around a moisture content of 40% which in turn creates a nice environment for decomposition to occur. You simply repeat the process until your unit is full.

Time taken to do this is maybe up to 6 months. When you are ready to use the material simply lift the Composta and you will have a nice mound of compost material ready to spread throughout your garden.

A Couple of Questions from Users

Q. I have to go away for a fortnight or so. Can I harvest juice from the bucket and kept it (in a jar) in the fridge? Or do you recommend to freeze it?

A. If you are going away we recommend that you drain off any 'juice' from your bucket and either use immediately or if you wish you can put the juice in an airtight bottle and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks. Any juice which collects in your bucket whilst you are away should be tested via a smell test and discarded if odourous.

Q. I have used your system before and am currently investigating worm farms as well. Just wondering why you don't mention or encourage the use of both Bokashi and worm farming together as it would seem to be the ideal way to go. Use the Bokashi first and when it is ready to be emptied out of bucket add to worm farm. Win/win situation as you can put more into Bokashi than directly into a worm farm. Using the two together means less work digging the Bokashi waste into a garden to finish the composting action.

A. Agree – Bokashi is very complimentary with a worm farm. Worms seem to like the fermented food . You do however need to do a trial and error ‘ method to establish the amounts of fermented food that your particular worm unit can handle. These vary in size and we recommend that small amounts be introduced to enable you to establish the right amount to add.

Spring Specials!!!

All orders for ZingBokashi Composting Systems will receive a bonus bag of Compost Zing during the month of October.

All other products we offer you a discount of 10%

EarthZing – Enhancer

Add extra Zing to your Bokashi fermented food waste.  Earth Zing is formulated to complement your fermented waste, providing additional nutrients to improve the fertility of your soil – for even better plant growth.  
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Happy gardening  - Neville and the ZingBokashi team
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